Monday, 10 March 2014

Caverns Lava Pack Unlocked!


To mark the 3,000 backer threshold, we are thrilled to introduce -- and unlock -- the Lava Cavern Pack, ready to order! This volcanic add-On Pack is perfect for adding a cavernous (or infernal) section to your cavern set-up. I especially love the Expertly Painted version.

Here’s what the Lava Cavern Add-on Pack contains:
  • 6x Floor "A"  
  • 4x Floor "D" - NEW! (2" x 2" with lava spouts)  
  • 5x Straight Wall "B"  
  • 4x Straight Wall "C"  
  • 6x Curved Corner "B"  
  • 1x Passage Piece
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