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Rooms -- Cavern Lair
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TOPIC: Rooms -- Cavern Lair
Rooms -- Cavern Lair 5 Years ago  
"Rooms" is an idea for expansions to the Fantasy line that enhance the existing pieces without creating an entirely new line. A "Rooms" set is not necessarily a room unto itself -- it might be just a few pieces that allow the builder to add pieces to other DF sets to evoke scenes and environments not previously available.


This is my first attempt at a Rooms idea for the Cavernous line, (if you don't count various posts relating to mines).

Sometimes caves and caverns have people and/or things living in them.

First, bones. I know there are bone pile accessories out there, but they tend to be solid piles and they typically overdo the human skulls. I'm picturing a floor piece, one straight wall, and one corner piece with various bones scattered on the flat surfaces. By not piling them up, DF would leave the floor space available for miniatures. By sticking to "generic" bones and avoiding human skulls, DF leaves the source of the bones up to interpretation. Bones would be present in a (demi)human settlement or an animal lair (up to and including dragons).

Next, artwork on the walls. Two straight walls might have a scene showing animals on one, and a hunt on the other -- this evokes a primitive society, and could be used by GMs to foreshadow creatures or races that will be encountered in the caverns. Two other straight walls might have scenes showing evil defeating good, and good defeating evil -- GMs can use these pieces together or individually to illuminate a narrative. A corner piece might have runes written on a wall, with an arrow pointing to an entrance/exit -- this could be a warning about what is in the next cavern, or a signpost on the trail of previous adventurers.

We're short two corners. One corner piece might have a stepped floor, either sized to accept the sleeping furs from the accessory set, or sculpted as a fur pile where cavern denizens sleep. Another corner might have treasure and/or gear scattered in it, where the inhabitants (people or creatures) toss the "junk" that tasty adventurers carry with them.

That's ten pieces to evoke signs of habitation in a cavernous environment. They can be grouped together, or scattered around a large set-up. They can also be grouped or separated strategically to indicate habitation by people or creatures. Thoughts?
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Rooms -- Cavern Lair 5 Years ago  
This type of idea is something I've definately been waiting for. I'd consider them to be in the 'Wicked Additions' series. I think that's it's something everyone would use and be very feasable to produce for DF. It would be nice to have a 10 or 12 set piece for standard dungeon, medieval, den of evil and cavernous building sets. I've seen pieces on Ebay that are like some of the ones 'jackattack' suggested, and they usually sell quite high. It would be nice to drop that money into DF so they keep making sets for us. As a side note I hope DF keeps on using the marketing idea of 'buy three get one free' for special pieces etc. I know if I'm undecided on how many of a set to buy and there's a bonus for buying three, I will always buy the three sets.
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Rooms -- Cavern Lair 5 Years ago  
Gets my vote.
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Rooms -- Cavern Lair 5 Years ago  
I love the room idea. I had posted a similar thread I think it was title Ogre's Den Redeux. which was more of I like the room idea. I like your idea of a cavern room too!
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