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GIANTS 8 Months ago  
I'm on a bit of a giant kick right now, and I'm curious how people deal with giants in their game-worlds. As in, where do you put them?

Isolated in remote locations? Gathered together in communities? On cloud-top continents? The flat side of the moon? Lost worlds full of giant animals and insects? Another dimension?
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Re:GIANTS 8 Months ago  
In legend Giants tended to live in the wild lands, on islands or other out of the way places.

In fantasy roleplaying terms a Giant needs a place to rest and sufficient food. Think of Skyrim with the Giants herding Mammoths and their caves for example.

If Giants move into a region inhabited by normal sized humanoids you get a problem as the Giants are strong enough to easily take what they want, so you could also find Giants hold up in abandoned forts or villages.

The number of Giants would be determined by the amount of food. Large groups would need a lot of food. This would require a lot of big game to hunt or farmlands to raid. But you'd either find small hunting/raiding groups - maybe brothers - or a family unit as the minimum.
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Re:GIANTS 8 Months ago  
I'm currently planning to have mine (if they make an appearance), be more of the "remnants of an earlier age". Players would be more likely to find giant ruins, or giant skeletons (the dead, dead type, or the undead type :) ) than live giants.

Those that are left are likely to be in very remote locations where they probably won't shape the events too much. I am tempted to include at least one settlement that has some form of magical cornucopia that's letting them build their numbers in a way that's rare for giants and giantkin.

I liked the Astral giants that I think the Rod of Seven Parts Campaign introduced, might try to fit them in -- extraplanar works better for coming up with habitats, food, energy, etc to support giants.
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