Drawbridge addon pack question

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Re: Drawbridge addon pack question

Post by Talistran » Mon Feb 19, 2018 12:33 am

igelkott wrote: Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:32 am I don't see how this new pack works. It looks to me like you need something more to fill in the upper back of the drawbridge. Here's how it looks like it doesn't work to me, so someone can fill in how it's supposed to work......

1) Start with the Gatehouse and put the murder hole floor on top of it.
2) Add on the Drawbridge Winch Wall on the front
3) Add on the Offset Door Walls on the sides and the Arrowslit Wall on the back. These all have the v-shaped fittings from KS3.
4) So now there's the upper half of the tower to put together. There are 4 x 3/4 Corner Fill Walls and 2 x Dungeon Corner posts. Is this enough to fill in the back and sides of the tower? Also, the back of the Winch Wall have v-shaped fittings but it doesn't look like these other pieces have v-shaped fittings? So I'm confused.
5) Once 4) is resolved, place the 4x4 roof platform from the gatehouse on top
6) place whatever battlements or roof pieces you want on top of that.

So step 4) is the one I don't get. I looked at the necromancer video and it looked like there were fill pieces in there but they looked like wall corners from the castle, in addition to the 2 Fill pieces from this addon pack, not the extra pieces I see from the graphic.
I didn't see this almost a year ago, but saw it today.

If your answer wasn't answereed then, I think this thread answers it. Poor design IMO.

About halfway down the first page I do a picture analysis. Is that what you're talking about in Step 3/4?

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