We Need a Boats Kickstarter!

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We Need a Boats Kickstarter!

Post by kitenerd » Sat Jan 20, 2018 1:20 am

So after building a boat out of KS1 pieces, i got to thinking again about modular boats. I took the liberty of planning the whole KS for DF. All they need to do is a little sculpting and get this KS rolling ;)

Let me know what you think of these ideas.

In my other post I show a boat made with diagonal walls.


While not super elegant, this design builds quickly and is really versatile. I think it would be a great basis for a DF Ship KS. Given that it will not be surrounded by other tiles, the DF crew has a lot of room for artistic license with the shape of the stern corners and the angle of the prow.

Adding the Masthead piece allows for a much more elegant bow angle, but requires left and right bow walls as illustrated below
prow2.jpg (45.27 KiB) Viewed 1879 times
This would make the kits look like this:

Basic Boat:
2 Curved walls with 1/2 height railing creates the stern
1 Masthead piece (2” wide point)
2 Diagonal Port walls with 1/2 height railing lets us create the prow for 4” or 6” wide boat
2 Diagonal Starboard walls with 1/2 height railing lets us create the prow for 4” or 6” wide boat
8 Straight walls make the boats length anywhere from 8” to 16” (adding 2” for stern and 4-6” for bow)
1 Additional Straight wall for the Stern
5 Total floors to make the full ship

21 piece set - 6 molds

Ship Expansion:
2 Diagonal Port walls lets us expand the prow for 8” & 10” wide ships
2 Diagonal Starboard walls lets us expand the prow for 8” & 10” wide ships
2 Additional Straight walls make the ships length up to 22” (adding 2” for stern and 4-10” for bow)
2 Additional Straight walls for the Stern (expanded width)
15 Floors to fill the new footprint

22 piece set - no additional molds

With 2 expansions you could build a boat 12” to 14” wide and up to 28” long (10 floors short).

With 3 expansions the boat could be 16” or 18” wide and 34” long (27 floors short).

I like this configuration better - both artistically and build wise. It has the advantage of having an central row of floors in the “max” configuration (6” boat, 10” ship) which makes it easy to swap a single floor for a mast floor.

Here are a few possible expansions

Fore & Aft Castle:
2 Curved Full Height Wood Walls for the Stern
1 Masthead Full Height Wood Prow (2” wide point)
2 Diagonal Port Full Height Wood Walls
2 Diagonal Starboard Full Height Wood Walls
4 Straight Full Height Wood Walls
4 Corner Full Height Wood Walls
4 Wooden Support Posts (Cross topped like the MBS ones)
2 Cabin Doors
4 Stairs (CBS?)
4 Free Standing Rail (for interior edges of raised sections)

29 piece set - 10 new sculpts (OUCH!)

BONUS - Barn Set:
6 Corner Full Height Wood Walls
14 Straight Full Height Wood Walls
12 Wooden Floors
1 Double Door
1 Single Door

34 Piece Set - 1 or 2 new sculpts (depending on whether ships door would work on land)
As long as we have wooden walls, lets make them do double duty as buildings. Gets more bang for the buck out of the molds.

Flavor of the Sea:
Captains Wheel
Tiller (for smaller boats) clip to rail?
Floor with Mast Hole for Dowel or Dwarvenite Mast
Crows Nest for Dowel or Dwarvenite Mast
Hatchway Floor
Large Cargo "Hole" Section
Freestanding Wooden Corner
Cabin Door
Plus an endless variety of coiled of rope, anchors, map tables etc.
* Canon Rail Section
* Canon
* Pile of Canon Balls
* Powder Barrel
* Swab Bucket & Swab

This would likely be the priciest set - most molds and fewest pieces per mold. Perhaps lay the set out as stretch goals. Each time an SG is reached a piece gets added to the set. Not that the set would be free, just that the set would have more pieces depending on the success of the Boat and Ship packs and overall revenue.

Canons would likely be polarizing. Perhaps a separate smaller pack with a Canon Rails, Canons and accessories. Those who like them can get as many as they think they need. Those who prefer no gunpowder in their games can just get ship accessories.

Alternatively, since a ship will not be used surrounded by other tiles (negating scalegate concerns), these could be done in CBS scale, which gives us big wood floors and walls already. Some of the floors have ladder holes and hatches and we already have stairs. This saves on molds and lets people use 2x2 ship rails as garden walls and patios in city setups.

Anyway, congratulations if you read this far. Sometimes when i get an idea i just need to follow it to the end so i can have my brain back ;) I would LOVE to own a modular ship set and i think this is a pretty good basic outline for how it could work.

If you build it - i will back it!
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