KS2 To Sell or Trade!

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KS2 To Sell or Trade!

Post by GODofwar » Fri Dec 27, 2019 4:49 pm

Hoookay then.

My Paynte Projeycte II for tomorrow is called off. I pulled out all my 20 sets of KS2 Caverns (and add-ons) and realized that I do NOT need all of these. I declaring about 30-50% of it surplus. These numbers are approximate because I just came to this realization, but they'll be reasonably close:

KS2 Cavern Walls - 120
KS2 Cavern Corners - 90
KS2 Cavern Floors - 140
KS2 Narrow Passage - 30

TOTAL: about...….. 380 ...which will almost certainly rise to 400 pieces as I resort and add things.

Asking price not determined. PLease PM me here on the Forum and I'll put you on an update list. I expect to have pricing and exact numbers in a few days.

I will consider trades, but I would like to raise some $$ too!

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