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Post by gwhansen » Thu Jan 23, 2020 1:37 am

This is a re-post from the facebook group that I found useful (my apologies if someone else already 're-posted' this).

Started adding magnets to my erinthor mountains today! Also, I used Gorilla Super Glue Gel and its working fine. Here is the info:

finalized notes on dimensions for magnets for earlier dwarvenite sets. all were attached with just a dab of loctite ultragel control super glue, no drilling required.

5/16"x1/8" N52:
KS1 narrow passages. KS2 cavern walls/floors, water floors. KS3 city builder floors, streets 2x2 and 4x4. KS4 mountain ground, 2x1 elevation, cliff rock base/mound. KS5 dungeon elevation blocks.

3/8"x3/32" N42:
KS2 cavern elevation blocks. KS3 streets 4x2. KS4 mountain elevation blocks, castle buttresses.

13/16"x1/32" N42:
KS1 dungeon walls/floors. KS4 castle wall spacers.

3/8"x3/16" N52:
KS5 ancient pillars. KS6 rocky mound (not actual name).

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Post by NiandoBG » Sat Mar 21, 2020 4:27 pm

Thanks for the tip.

I glued today some magnets to my Elevated Large Pedestal from KS2.

They work quite well as Stilts Version 0.5 (not stackable).
magnet 8x3mm
magnet 8x3mm
Stilt_zero_point_five 3.jpg (128.26 KiB) Viewed 3429 times
work as stilts
work as stilts
Stilt_zero_point_five 2.jpg (125.46 KiB) Viewed 3429 times
more than 2,800 self painted dwarvenite pieces :)

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