CBS (classic) alternate paint schemes

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Re: CBS (classic) alternate paint schemes

Post by Starved Hound » Mon Feb 22, 2021 5:51 pm

It certainly helps when you both share the same interests.

My wife was the one who got me to order extra sets for DoD, not that I needed any encouragement, and I am now glad we did. Still need to get roughly 4 or 5 of the large starter sets and the same number of the alcove packs for what I have in mind. But not in any big hurry.

We are in the process of getting quotes to transform the attic space into a dedicated games room, approx 36'×20'. Mainly for an extremely large collection of gaming books and figures. But also to house a very large gaming area/diorama space.

She is also extremely excited for the upcoming KS, as this will be the first one we have participated in. Also as we have none of the CBS, this looks like a great chance to get alot of buildings at KS prices.
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Re: CBS (classic) alternate paint schemes

Post by SwissArmyMage » Mon Feb 22, 2021 7:38 pm

I really feel bad for you guys in europe, I can't imagine having to pay such a crazy amount of tax just for imports after spending my life effectively paying none. Some of the listed taxes I saw in the "what did you pledge" thread were painful to look at.

I am lucky to also not have "wife" problem, largely because I am the female here. My boyfriend isn't as into my hobbies, but he doesn't have a problem with them. (he watches anime/plays games casually and just had his first DnD session, we'll see if he comes back with me next time.)

He's a big gun nerd though, and that can also be an expensive hobby. So we're perfectly happy to agree I can have my nerd dungeon if he can have a gun room.
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Re: CBS (classic) alternate paint schemes

Post by Grumpy Gnome » Fri Feb 26, 2021 5:06 am

Great painting! The alternate color schemes help bring the buildings to life with some individuality.

I will echo the sentiment that it is great to have a partner that shares your hobbies!

And I will echo the sentiment that postage and tax for us folks in Europe is a real hurdle when it comes to DF.
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