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Add-On Packs are specially priced, self-contained extra packs that you may purchase (so they are not free). You do this by "over-pledging" -- i.e. by going to the "Manage My Pledge" button on the top right. Add the cost of the Add-On packs you want to your current Reward Level, and submit that total pledge amount. When the campaign is over, we will contact you for your exact order details at the same time we request your address. The prices listed INCLUDE shipping & handling for USA backers. Please note that Add-Ons do not add to your qualification toward FREE Stretch Goal pieces (your FREE Stretch Goal bonuses are driven only by the number of Game Tiles sets you back with your pledge).

Click here to watch a video with detailed instructions on how to order multiple Add-On Sets, as well as multiple Reward Levels.

Add-On Packs are available in Dark Gray or Expertly Hand Painted. Every different Add-On pack is priced the same: one pack costs $45 for Dark Gray, $60 for Expertly Hand Painted. A group of two packs costs $70 for Dark Gray, $95 for Expertly Hand Painted. You can purchase one Dark Gray and one Expertly Hand Painted together for $85.

You may combine different Add-On packs to make a group of two. For example, one Diagonal Wall Pack (Dark Gray) and one Curved Corner Pack (Dark Gray) for $70. If you buy and odd number of Add-On packs you must pay the single cost for the odd numbered Add-On pack.

The prices includes FREE shipping for the USA backers, while International Backers must pay a $45 to ship every two packs. Add-On packs are only available to Backers who pledge for two Games Tiles sets or more.

These Add-Ons are currently available to order:

Castle Wall Pack

Grand Stair Pack

Chamber of Sorrows

Chamber of Sorrows comes in gray and painted versions, and includes several new tiles created especially for this pack. But in this case, I think the painted version we're offering here is something unique. Designed specifically by Stefan ‒ and completed just yesterday ‒ the new paint design will only be available to our Kickstarter backers (we've also reserved a very limited quantity for our UK distributor).

Here's what it looks like:

Here are the pieces:

Dungeon Dressing Pack

Here's what's inside:

Floor Pack

Curved Corner Pack

Diagonal Wall Pack