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Join us at Gen Con on Saturday, August 6th at 11AM at the Westin/Indianapolis Grand Ballroom 1 & 2 for a special screening of THE DWARVENAUT, a feature documentary about our founder, Stefan Pokorny.  It tells Stefan’s deeply personal story: how the love of his adoptive parents, a talent for art, and a passion for gaming led to Dwarven Forge, Stefan’s unique version of the American dream.  What you might not know: if you have been a Dwarven Forge Kickstarter backer, you also helped write this story.  That’s because most of the filming occurred — and much of the drama unfolds — while we were preparing and running the City Builder Kickstarter campaign. The screening is free!

GenConBoothOur booth this year at Gen Con is # 1301.  We’ll be offering DVDs and Blu-Rays of THE DWARVENAUT, personally signed by Stefan. (Tim Kask will also be on-hand part of the time.)  We’ll also be featuring our second annual Gen Con-only Individual Piece Bazaar, and a Castle Builder pre-order (with an online pre-order the following week for those who aren’t coming to Gen Con).  Click on the image for a larger map.

US: 100% of US backers have been shipped.  If you have not received a tracking number for your shipment, please let us know.

Canada: Except for 2-3 shipments to Canadian PO boxes, all shipments have cleared Customs and are either delivered or en route within Canada.

EU: We have heard that the sea shipment is running about a week late; it is due in late next week, and will clear Customs shortly thereafter. We apologize, and we will do our best to expedite the process once the ship reaches port in Germany.

Australia/New Zealand: Sea shipments have landed and should clear Customs shortly. We will forward more information as we receive it from the couriers.

Asia (except Middle East): Orders should have been delivered. If you are still expecting your shipment, please contact us at dwarvenforgeinfo@gmail.com.

All countries not mentioned above: Shipments will leave the US this week. You will receive a tracking e-mail from us as soon as the shipment departs.

Orders placed after December 13 might not arrive before Christmas.

Curved Corner Pack (GT001-AD02) Castle Wall Pack (GT001-AD06)
Grand Stair Pack (GT001-AD07) Ice Cavern Set (GT5-ICE)
Dungeon Passage Pack 1 (GT5-DP1) Dungeon Passage Pack 2 (GT5-DP2)
Dungeon Passage Pack 3 (GT5-DP3) Dungeon Passage Pack 4 (GT5-DP4)
Lava Cavern Pack (GT5-LC) Lava River Pack (GT5-LR)
Narrow Dungeon Passage Pack (GT5-ND) Water Cavern Pack (GT5-WC)


New to Dwarven Forge?  Try a sample pack to see and feel Dwarvenite.  3 pieces per pack, chosen at random, your choice of Dungeon or Cavern.

$12, expertly hand painted, shipping included.  (Limit: 1 per customer, US shipments only.)  Click on the images or here to see more >>

SamplePackCavern SamplePackDungeon