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We are happy to announce that our long awaited RESTOCK has finally arrived!* Thank you to everyone for your patience!

Expertly Hand Painted Sets:
Lighted Braziers
Tavern Accessories
Terracotta (Tudor) Roof
Wicked City Accessories
Dungeon Passage Pack #1
Curved Corner Pack
Basic Cavern Set
Chasm Packs
Elevation Packs
Lava River Pack
Lava Cavern
Wicked Cavern Add-On Pack
Water Cavern Packs

Unpainted Sets:
Sewer Floor
Stone Streets
Stone Wall &Post Pack
Terracotta Tudor Roof Pack
Wicked City Accessories
Dungeon Passage Pack #3
Cavern Floor Pack

*Quantities limited on some sets.

For backers of our Kickstarter 4, a FREE short version of the new Dwarven Forge sourcebook detailing the City of Valoria and the world of Mythras! We are excited to present this preview of Stefan Pokorny’s homegrown campaign setting, based on his thirty-five years of Dungeon Mastering and map making! Stefan, Elye, and the Dwarven Forge team of writers, editors, playtesters, and creators have distilled Stefan’s ideal RPG world into a detail-rich sourcebook from which anybody can launch their own exciting campaigns.

Click here to obtain a copy!

Add some fun to your Holiday gift giving with this free gift card! Click on the graphic to open it in a separate window, print and attach to your Dwarven Forge gift for the gamer in your life!

Downloadable Holiday Gift Card

Happy Holidays to all of our Awesome Customers from your friends at Dwarven Forge®!

Our long-awaited restock has finally arrived!  We now have a wide array of stock in our Dungeon, Cavern and City Builder sets, as well as Miniatures and Accessories for all of the gamers on your list*.   Please note that orders placed after December 14 cannot be guaranteed for Christmas delivery. Please contact us if you need expedited delivery.**

 Dwarven Forge Gift Cards also available!

*Catacombs 1 Sets are also coming, but they will arrive in early 2017 (Feb/March).  
We sincerely apologize that these sets will not arrive in time for Christmas.

**Please allow 5-7 business days for shipping within the US.
Please contact dwarvenforgeinfo@gmail.com with any questions!