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Please place your order by December 11 to ensure that your packages arrive in time for Christmas.

Curved Corner Pack (GT001-AD02) Castle Wall Pack (GT001-AD06)
Grand Stair Pack (GT001-AD07) Ice Cavern Set (GT5-ICE)
Dungeon Passage Pack 1 (GT5-DP1) Dungeon Passage Pack 2 (GT5-DP2)
Dungeon Passage Pack 3 (GT5-DP3) Dungeon Passage Pack 4 (GT5-DP4)
Lava Cavern Pack (GT5-LC) Lava River Pack (GT5-LR)
Narrow Dungeon Passage Pack (GT5-ND) Water Cavern Pack (GT5-WC)


New to Dwarven Forge?  Try a sample pack to see and feel Dwarvenite.  3 pieces per pack, chosen at random, your choice of Dungeon or Cavern.

$12, expertly hand painted, shipping included.  (Limit: 1 per customer, US shipments only.)  Click on the images or here to see more >>

SamplePackCavern SamplePackDungeon

Gaming & Gastronomy was a hit! We’re thrilled that more than 100 of you came out to see us, and asked us to do it again!  Thanks to you all for coming.

Thanks also to Roberta’s and Lauren and the Twenty Sided Store. Lauren, you were unbelievable; your support was fantastic! Thanks to Wondy for great work organizing the event.  Nate and Mike filmed it all, and Rafael set up a photo section that everyone loved! Thanks to all involved!

GandG101515FREE ADMISSION! Dwarven Forge and Twenty Sided Store present:
GAMING & GASTRONOMY on Thursday, October 15, 2015 4pm – 10pm (click here for a flyer >>)
Learn to play Dungeons & Dragons!
Come in costume for Pizza and Beer Specials!
Dwarven Forge product raffle ticket with every beer purchased!

Our newest line of ruins, battlements, sewers, streets, buildings and accessories and minis is available for pre-sale for a limited time only!

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The holidays are upon us, and it is a busy shipping time.  Please note that orders with US delivery addresses that are made after December 16 will not arrive in time for Christmas.  Non-US orders may not arrive if they are made after December 10.

Stefan has created 4 tutorials to teach best practices in painting Cavern Tiles, Lava River Tiles, Cavernous Water Tiles, and Cavernous Lava Tiles.
These links will send you to the videos on YouTube. Enjoy!

Painting Cavern Tiles

Painting Cavernous Water Tiles

Painting Cavernous Lava Tiles

Painting Lava River Tiles