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Our newest line of ruins, battlements, sewers, streets, buildings and accessories and minis is available for pre-sale for a limited time only!

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Stefan has created 4 tutorials to teach best practices in painting Cavern Tiles, Lava River Tiles, Cavernous Water Tiles, and Cavernous Lava Tiles. Enjoy!

 Painting Cavern Tiles

 Painting Cavernous Water Tiles

 Painting Cavernous Lava Tiles

 Painting Lava River Tiles

For some basic painting instructions (especially if not using Pokorny paints, please refer to this link that also shows paints we have tested on Dwarvenite.


We have updated our online inventory and added some of the items that were not included during our shopping cart migration in September.  Enjoy!

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mummy attack

Catacomb 2 and restock available any time now

* waiting for final push out – so keep looking *

The long wait is finally over. Catacomb 2 is now available. And Stefan once again has surpassed himself. The catacomb 2 set is the ideal addition to the existing catacomb set. But it also works on it’s own as Thod has tested out at PaizoCon UK.

Ordering: We take orders as soon as all the sets go live. We are in the last stages right now – so just hang on for a moment longer.



Stefan did listen to customer feedback. We now have large 4*4 inch tiles which are ideal for larger rooms. They work well with the new 4 inch long lighted walls.

A 4*4 inch large fountain can be used as the center-piece of a tomb. A new door protects the room from intruders. 4 square corners allow to form rooms or can be used with the existing catacomb set.

Several different inserts round up all the options.

And if this isn’t enough – add some mummys to scare your players or have them loot some additional sarcophagi. The catacomb 2 set comes as an additional set with several extra items available seperately.


Restock Wicked I, II, Floors and Catacomb I, MBS, RotA

We also have new stock of Wicked Additions I and II, the Fantasy Floor Sets, Catacomb I, MBS and MBS extension as well as both Realm of the Ancient sets. If you have been waiting for any of these – they are in stock now and can be ordered immediately.