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Catacombs Set

This great new set allows you to explore the Catacombs! Comes complete with four LED flickering flame pieces!

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Weight: 6 lbs

Product: Catacombs Set

Catacombs Set

It is time to delve where no DF adventurers have journeyed – into the dark of the Catacombs Set.  This new amazing set can be used for a variety of cool adventuring locations from crypts and catacombs – and into the lair of a dark Necromancer.  This set works great with our classic Dungeon sets as they have similar coloration, and the pieces are the same size.  The pieces come completely hand painted, and they are ready to use right out of the box.

There are some new types of pieces available in this set.  For the first time ever, we have battery-operated, flickering orange LED lights “flames” burning in four Corner Wall pieces.  The effect is amazing in a darkened room!  We have also included eight freestanding walls in this set to allow GMs ultimate control of their set-ups. 

The pieces included: 

MM047 Catacombs Set, (47 pcs) 

x4   Corner Wall w/Flame, LED Light (& 3 batteries)

x4   Curved Wall w/2 Standing Skeletons

x4   Straight Wall w/Skulls in Fireplace

x4   Straight Wall w/4 Shelves of Skeletons

x2   Straight Wall w/Arch

x10 2” x 2” Floor

x4   Freestanding Long Wall w/Skeleton Shelves

x4   Freestanding Short Wall w/Skeleton Shelves

x4   Curved Wall

x4   Skulls Pillar

x1   Bones and Debris Pile

x2   Skulls Pile



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