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Tavern Accessories Set

This set contains some awesome pieces to a little tavern decor to your buildings.

Price: $39.00
Weight: 1 lbs

Product: Tavern Accessories Set

(The floor is not included in this set.  Only the pieces on the floor are included.)

Collectors have really loved our Medieval Building Set and Medieval Building Expansion Set – and many of used our Medieval Furniture Set and our Dungeon Accessories Set to dress out their set-ups. Even though these worked pretty well Stefan wanted to give everyone some cool accessories to help complete that most popular setting – the Tavern. Who knows how many tavern fights have taken place since we released our Medieval Building Set line, but now future fights can be even more fun with a really cool modular bar, half-keg tables and stools, and some neat little items that could make effective missiles!

The set comes with many cool pieces, and the bar pieces even have small shelves to hold these small pieces. Note that these accessories would also work well in a wizard's tower or other fantasy settings. They come fully hand-painted, and they are sent in a durable styrofoam box wit custom insert so the pieces can be stored well for years.

MM-029 Tavern Accessory Set

Round Table x2
Wine Kegs x1
Candles x2
Bowl x2
Plates x2
Platters x1
Mugs (singles) x2
Mug Grouping x1
Stools x6
Main Bar x1
Curved Bar x1
Side Bar x1
Bar Entrance x1
Green Bed x1
Blue Bed x1

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