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Room & Passage Set Click here to enlarge

Room & Passage Set

This is our MOST POPULAR set we have ever produced! And at $135 it is the best bargain on the website. This massive set includes: (9) passage pieces 25 room pieces 3 swinging doors

Price: $135.00
Weight: 14 lbs

Product: Room & Passage Set

Room & Passage Set

This is our MOST POPULAR set we have ever produced! And at $135 it is the best bargain on the website. This massive set includes:

(9) passage pieces
25 room pieces
3 swinging doors

This is the best "FIRST" set to buy as it gives you enough pieces to do some passageways and rooms. Some collectors buy many of these sets to build their full-size dungeons.


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kallis  (Tuesday, 21 September 2010)
Rating: 5
These pieces are amazing, worth every dollar! Whatever was lacking in my tabletop RPG's before has since been more than fulfilled by the addition of
Dwarven Forge products. I run with a pretty large group, so it's easy for the game to run off track with out of game nonsense and chatter. Such has
not been the case as often with the addition of a few of these room and passage sets to our weekly tabletop experience. Simply the presence of an
actual dungeon displayed out before you has brought everyone (including myself) in my game into better focus and understanding. No longer do I need
to describe with pinpoint accuracy the shape and design of a room, & no longer (in the case of 2D tiles we've used previous to Dwarven Forge) do I
need to create makeshift walls for our maps or go through tiresome explanations of what is a barrier and what is not. Simply put, Dwarven Forge has
helped me create and run a better game for my players. It is an expensive habit for sure, but if you've been running games for twenty years like I
have, and you plan on running games for many more years, this is an addition to your gaming experience that you just cannot pass up!

zargon059  (Tuesday, 27 July 2010)
Rating: 5
Ive been playing heroquest with my kids for a couple of years know playing on a gameboard is ok but there's nothing like playing on a 3d scale i
bought my first set in 2005 now i plan to expand to make the whole dungeon my kids love to play on this set its very durable we play alot i refer any
of my friends who play any fantasy type game to get some 3d sets dwarven forge it's awesome!!!!!

LeperColony  (Thursday, 03 June 2010)
Rating: 5
This set is the single most essential collection currently offered by Dwarven Forge. By itself the pieces are sufficient to represent a small dungeon
or stone building, and through constant re-use a larger area can be depicted. At $119 it is also an exceptional value. Make no mistake, if you get
into the DF habit, it will cost you. But from a "bang for your buck" perspective, the Room and Passages set offers the best return for your
dollar.rnrnI have only two quibbles with this set, one being fairly minor, and the other a little more significant. My trivial complaint is that the
set only comes with three doors. With a four-way connector, it would've been nice if it came with a fourth door, so that you could seal up all the
passages if you wanted to.rnrnThe more major complaint is that the set, although of great value for what it offers, is the only way to purchase the
passage pieces. DF offers a Room set for people who only need the room pieces, but there is no corresponding "Passages" set. rnrnI'd tend
to think that a set for $89 with just the passage pieces (and with one other piece, such as a 4-way, long hall, or t-intersection depending on the
relative production cost of each) would be successful and popular with experienced DF fans who don't need any more room pieces.

splatteredink  (Tuesday, 23 February 2010)
Rating: 5
I was first introduced to Dwarven Forge five years ago. They are awesome. This set is the foundation to great, imagination inspired gaming!

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