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Woodland Set

This limited-edition set (ONLY 1,000 sets) is sculpted by Sandra Garrity herself!

Price: $149.00
Weight: 7 lbs

Product: Woodland Set

The limited edition Woodland Set is a beautiful set sculpted by the world-famous Sandra Garrity!  Only 1,000 of these sets will be made, and each comes with a Certificate of Aunthenticity.  Whether you are making an Elven Onclave or a Druid's Grove this set is as useful as it is beautiful.

The 40 pieces include:

4 pcs   Swinging Door
12 pcs  2” x 2” Floor Tile
1 pc    2” X 2” Floor Tile w/Fire
8 pcs   Straight Wall 1
2 pcs   Straight Wall 2
2 pcs   Straight Wall 3
5 pcs   Corner Wall 1
5 pcs   Corner Wall 2
1 pc    Basin with water

This is a limited edition set and only 1,000 of these sets will be produced. All of these pieces come pre-painted by hand in a custom styo-foam molded box.

Don't forget to pick up a Woodland Accessories Set to flesh out your set-ups!


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