Friday, 30 August 2013

New Paints Available Until Sept. 10th!

UPDATE!  SOLD OUT NOW!  Thanks for the support!


(Open to North American Kickstarter Backers ONLY)

At long last our Dwarven Forge paints are ready for purchase.

Starting now, you can buy a four-pack (one generous 4 ounce bottle each of four specially mixed colors) for $29. Shipping with your Game Tiles order is included.

We think you'll love these paints. Stefan mixed the colors himself to achieve his desired finish and to coordinate with our Expertly Painted sets. He also formulated the viscosity of these water-based acrylics specifically for painting Game Tiles. They don't need to be diluted (which waters down the pigments), and you don't need to prime your pieces.

Check out the Intro video here:

We regret that this offer is available only to backers in North America. The deadline to order is September 10th!

To learn more – and get your when supplies last, please click here to jump directly to the paint order page at:

Thanks very much,

Jeff Martin

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