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Advice: Try selling a concept
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TOPIC: Advice: Try selling a concept
Advice: Try selling a concept 10 Years, 9 Months ago  
Your company makes great products especially the Master Maze. I haven't seen your miniatures yet and will be soon. There is no reason why your company cannot expand much further. I never truely understand why people will spend $20 to $30 or more for a card as in MTG, a figure as in MK or a whole case of DnD minatures only for a few good pieces. The actual production cost for each piece is very cheap. On the other hand, not that many players will spend money on accessories, even though they looked awesome and are durable. It turns out that people are willing to spend money on a concept rather than on the actual game piece. Anything that helps them win will worth more.
Therefore, instead of relying on the success of other games, especially DnD, to improve your sale. Why dont you make your own game system?
Some of the ideas include limited edition terrain pieces, or a better word, anniversary piece. They help to keep your old customers happy and make new gamers interested. People may not spend $89 right away to buy a set but will be much less hesitant to spend $20 for a LE piece that they can use in their games.
Develope a combat system so that one player has to set up the maze with traps and try to defend with his miniatures eg. skeleton, and the other player sends in a superior force eg. orcs, to try to conquer it. Meanwhile, add in some new single powerful miniatures as individual characters, such as Orc shamans, that may affect the balance of the game will help. Even if people do not like your game system, they may still use your miniatures for other purposes. You can even add in a random factor in your package, such as raidng party with a mysteriour character.
If all fail, you can simply fall back to what you have been doing.
This is my two cents. If you dont like it, just ignore it.
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