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We want to create a Dwarven Forge community...
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TOPIC: We want to create a Dwarven Forge community...
We want to create a Dwarven Forge community... 9 Years, 8 Months ago  
BTW RFox - my son says the Dragons are going to take it all! They will rule in Arena Bowl XIX. He says the SabreCats are going to lose it in the first play-off game. So there!
(Like I really know what I am saying, LOL - my son was very happy to hear though of another Arena Football fan elsewhere in the country)

Naw, the SaberCats will maul the snakie Crush (they mauled them in the season closer 89-41) and then pound on the Avengers (which we think will easily beat the Rush in their first round)!
Mark Grieb, QB for the SaberCats, went 15 for 15 during the last game against the Crush for 331 yards and 8TDs.
That was a new AFL completion record and great for the size of an AFL field.

On the other hand the Predators will make dinner out of the Dragons in their first round! If that does not happen, the Force or the Storm will finish off what the Predators could not handle.

SaberCats will be Arena Bowl XIX Champs!!!

They did it before (Arena Bowls XVI & XVIII) and they will do it again!
The Dragons have no chance; they have not even made it to a single Arenas Bowl yet.
The SaberCats have gone to two and have won them both!

What I like about the AFL is their Fan Bill of Rights, and no player can keep his job if he is not willing to be out there signing autographs and such before and after the game. If you do not sign and do not keep your life in order, you do not play and get paid. I heard even that that NFL Bronco quarterback Elway has bought into a AFL team a few years back - the Colorado Crush I believe - some python or boa mascot or something. I enjoy much more the AFL games I have attended than the NFL ones.

You are right about the Fan Bill of Rights.
This makes the game and the players really fan-friendly.

You are right, John Elway is one of the owners of the Colorado Crush.
The others are Broncos owner Pat Bowlin and Nuggets/Avalanche/Pepsi Center owner Stan Kroenke.
There are other celebrity owners of teams:
Jon Bon Jovi is one of the two Philadelphia Soul owners.
Country singer Tim McGraw along with Titan owner K.S. Adams, Jr. own the Nashville Cats.
The Famous Chicago Bears coach Mike Ditka is the owner of the Chicago Rush.
Cowboy VP Jerry Jones, Jr. is owner of the Dallas Desperados.
Some huge trial lawyer owns the Las Vegas Gladiators and I cannot remember any other owners of note despite knowing I must be missing someone.

Speaking of Cowboys, Danny White of Dallas Cowboy fame is the new head coach of the AFL expansion team in Salt Lake City, Utah.
They will be announcing the name of the team on 16 June.
Since there are lots of dinosaurs found in Utah (among other Western States) and my eldest son is wanting to be a paleontologist when he grows up, he is hoping they will be named the Trikes as in Triceratops like in Jurassic Park vernacular.
Toronto already has the Raptor name sewn up and the "Rexes" or the "Spinos" sound a bit odd, so he is hoping they will be the Trikes.

AFL is MUCH better than NFL in all of the facets.
The lousiest thing of the NFL that is completely missing from the AFL is all of the bad attitudes.
The entire AFL is actually human compared to the prima donnas of the NFL.
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We want to create a Dwarven Forge community... 9 Years, 8 Months ago  
Hey if it is your passion you can spend any amount huh? 9 years ago Sony put out the XBR VideoScope 61" wide screen tv's. Hadda have one, got one Paid 5 Grand, " well, over two and a half years that is ". It still holds its own today. 5 S video inputs and even an out. Does not have component but still very rich pic. Built like a tank however, good thing we only had to move once. HEY DLH, can that Camara take a photo " in focus " of the moon? I have yet to own one that can. Oh yes Rabid. We even fly a flag during Steeler time. Oh the loss last year, kinda reminded me of afew yaers back.....Errrrr Patriots....!!!! We Hate's Em'... Yeasss my love,,, We hates em FOREVER!!!! GOLUM>>>>GOLUMMM...
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