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Spreading the word
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TOPIC: Spreading the word
Spreading the word 10 Years, 9 Months ago  
I have a few suggestions, I'm sure they've been considered but maybe they could be re-evaluated?

I absolutely love DF, and I am always surprised that it isn't more popular than it already is. None of my local gaming places carry it -- they'll special order it, sure, but they don't automatically stock it, and they won't order anything new unless I ask.

Aside from being a bit of a pain, it's bad for the company! (I went through torture getting the traps sets and advanded builder set -- one store told me they'd get them in, and strung me along for six months before I finally realized they were never going to get them, and after I special-ordered them from another store, first they got into a fight with their distributor and that held things up, then they only got one set in and asked me to remind them about the others -- by this point I was furious and just went to a THIRD place, and I had my sets two weeks later -- but about seven months after I'd initially expected to get them!)

One thing I noticed: after seeing an in-store display, I went nuts and got everything I could in a two- or three-month period. Seeing the stuff OUT and in USE is much different from seeing pics online, and MUCH better than seeing white cardboard boxes in the back of a store.

Best case scenario: Maybe you guys could come up with an "in store display" kinda thing, the way some stores highlight the newest CD or DVD releases on a cardboard endcap, you could have some kind of official glass case for Master Maze that you could send to some stores in big markets, so they could have a display of MM that would draw people in?

On a similar note: why so few ads? Once upon a time, there were ads in Dragon all the time. I can understand wanting to promote the newest items, but I think more ads would help, and it'd be great to see every magazine connected with gaming running full-color close-ups of some of this stuff. Don't even need to show off whole sets or displays -- just a closeup of some party members wandering into a room, with a "GET REAL!" caption under it. I am convinced that people would be determined to become lifelong MM customers if they saw ads like that.

Just feels like I keep finding people who say "I just found out about this stuff!" and I've been loving it for years.

Just some ideas.

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Spreading the word 10 Years, 9 Months ago  
We are hoping that our shift to smaller (meaning easier to display) boxes with full color graphics will make retail stores more apt to carry us. And the $49 price will make it easy for gamers to start their DF habit!

Thanks for the ideas.
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