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Kickstarter Game Tiles Project
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TOPIC: Thank you Stefan and Jeff!
Thank you Stefan and Jeff! 1 Year, 2 Months ago  
I am very happy with the game tiles. The quality is excellent. The few bits that are a bit warped either from shipping or cooling have been very easy to fix with either gentle pressure or heating and cooling. The only shipment issue was resolved very quickly and without any fuss, awesome customer service!

I have begun to paint using Apple Barrel and Vallejo on treasure, barrels, and a demon door. The material takes paint surprisingly well. I am eager to begin doing the stone work with my Pokorny Paints once I have the space and time cleared at the end of the semester.

This is my first experience actually participating in a kickstarter and I am afraid you gentlemen have spoiled me! I eagerly look forward to the caverns set for tiles.

I will close by saying again, thank you. Much as I have drooled over the resin sets through the years I could not afford enough at once to make it readily usable and it always kept me from taking the plunge. Now that has changed and I am eagerly considering which resin sets I would like to add first!
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My players rue the day I bought "Dragon Mountain". Ever since they give every creature a bit more respect. You never know when the GM will decide that this group is crafty...
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