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Kickstarter Game Tiles Project
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TOPIC: My two cents worth
My two cents worth 1 Year, 3 Months ago  
First I’ll make some generic comments, then I’ll share some thoughts about specific sets. For reference, I purchases 5 painted sets and eight addon sets (a mix of painted and unpainted).

The Dwarvenite material is fairly heavy. It doesn’t have that cheap plastic feeling. There is a very slight rubbery feel, which should help with the tiles staying in place. I’m toying with the idea of adding a very thin layer of dark felt to the bottom of the larger stair pieces, but need to do some play testing first. Thoughts, anyone? The tiles are beautifully detailed, as we have come to expect. There was barely any flashing or excess on the unpainted pieces – much less than what I’ve seen elsewhere. The pieces work well with the resin sets as well. With the addon sets, you can get a fairly complete dungeon design. The castle walls set will be great for above-ground floors. Storage is noticeably easier than with the resin pieces because you don’t have to worry about breakage. The boxes were well packed. Any missing pieces were of the small piece variety, understandable with such a massive project. (Remember to report any issues to DF through the FundAFull site.)

The painting is very close to that of the resin sets. It’s not exact, but I’m fine with that. I bought the dungeon tiles to add variety to my resin sets. There seems to be two main variations on the walls/corners, one (in the minority) with the off-color tiles looking very much like the resin sets, and one (in the majority) with the off-color tiles having a more sandstone brown look. I personally like the variety. I also notice that the painting pattern across the wall tiles seems to be evenly divided among three patterns, giving even more variety to my sets. A pleasant surprise!

I like the design of the doors better than the doors that come with the standard resin sets. The doors are mounted to the frame and will not fall off. They are beautifully detailed and come in several varieties. I appreciate the addition of the demon doors (matching the Wicked Additions sets) in this Kickstarter. As was noted elsewhere in this forum, in a couple of the large door designs the door pull is not painted. There is a slight variation of the final highlight dry brush placement on the doors, giving a nice variety to the doors of the same design. Some warping is noticeable with the door frames, but with the flexibility of the tiles I was easily and quickly able to correct it. Only one door has a problem actually swinging on the hinges, but by gently – gently – applying pressure, I was able to get the door to function.
And now for comments on particular sets.

Basic Sets:
Except as noted about the doors, there was very little warping with the pieces in my sets. I think that DF made the right decision to stick with 2x2 tiles in the cavern Kickstarter. The 2x2 pieces fit together nicely and work well with the resin sets. I love the stretch add-on pieces! The free-standing walls and the walls with openings are especially useful. There are just enough of the free-standing walls to compliment the set. The columns add a useful mixture to your dungeons, and the barrels and chests are first-rate as well.

Dungeon Dressing:
I hope you picked up at least one of these sets. I bought two painted and one unpainted (to give some variety). The treasure piles are have great details and a good paint variety on the coins – mostly gold with scattered silver. The stairs have a good weight and should remain in place. I actually like the “secret door” better than the one in the resin set because it doesn’t rotate as easily – you have to actually push it, while the one in the resin set just spins freely.

Grand Staircase:
I’m very pleased with this set. I hadn’t realized that the pedestals could be combined with the small stairs to make a group identical to the standard lower stair piece. And honestly, can you ever get enough stairs?

Floor Set:
The floor set shows the limits of Dwarvenite. The 4x6 pieces exhibit too much warping to fit nicely end-to-end, and the corners are noticeably shrunken. However, they function just fine as elevated platforms (on pillars or columns).

Chamber of Sorrows:
Wow! I bought one painted set and one unpainted set (I want to paint the pool and grated pieces with a slightly different color scheme than the one in the Fantasy Floor resin set). I must say that the painted set is beautiful. The grates have a brass tone that goes perfectly with the set colors. The overall set has a red base code with black dry brush and gold highlights. The red is more prominent in the cracks at the base of the walls, giving the appearance that the walls are bleeding down! The gold highlights on the wall pieces have enough variety to make every piece unique. I’m really glad that I picked up the painted set!

Nice job, Dwarven Forge! Bring on the caverns.
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