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Unpacked and Sorted: A Review
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TOPIC: Unpacked and Sorted: A Review
Unpacked and Sorted: A Review 1 Year, 3 Months ago  
I got my Game Tiles yesterday after a long day at the office, and tonight I unpacked and sorted them. Here's my experience and reaction. (There's a wrap up at the end, for those who want just the highlights.)

Firstly, I've got to congratulate DF on hiring Tetris masters to pack the tiles. Seriously, the boxes were quite masterfully stacked with tiles and pieces. However, the little baggies that encompassed nearly every tile were aggravating and... please tell me they're recyclable?

I could maybe have understood baggies to hold the smaller pieces together (barrels, small stairs, etc), but as almost all of my pieces were unpainted, I didn't see the benefit.

I ordered three Dungeon Dressing Packs, and I noticed that each contained only one Bench where each should have had two.

Conversely, I ended up with three additional Treasure Piles than I should have, and can only imagine these arrived with the Dungeon Dressing Pack. As such, I have a lot of treasure. I also ended up with an extra Straight Wall in one of my base sets. How someone fit an extra tile in one of those is a mystery for the ages.

I suppose it's worth mentioning that the tiles were a bit smaller than I'd imagined, but that's entirely on me - I'm an awful judge of physical dimensions. The tiles feel durable and perfectly weighted. (Nevermind that my order was 94 pounds) I never worried about harming anything but the chairs and benches.

The details are very nice, and I'm interested to begin painting as soon as the holiday season begins. I'm most impressed with the doors. They swing open easily enough, yet seem to latch closed with just enough force as to keep them from accidentally open. Very nice!

Putting together a rudimentary dungeon, I did notice that the Diagonal Walls seems to have issues squaring up with other tiles. Very minor, but enough that it caught my attention and necessitated poking and prodding to minimize what were already tiny gaps.

I had a few issues with warping. There was one Barrel in my small army of them with a major deformity, and a handful with minor smushiness. Seeing as I have almost two dozen of them, this is a case where I'm happy for the character it lends to them.

(Warped barrel on left, non-warped on right for comparison)

The Tables were also prone to warping. I have six of them, so one or two with some "character" isn't bad, though I'll admit that these will likely see some hot water soon to be a little more straight.

Slightly less than half of the Mosaic Floors I ordered had a bit of warp to them. Seeing as floor pieces benefit from a certain flatness, I'm less accepting of their individuality and will have to work them.


PROS: Durable and have a nice weight. Doors are very nicely hinged. Got a extra Straight Wall and three extra Treasure Piles.

CONS: Plastic bags were annoying and unnecessary. Some pieces warped. Dungeon Dressing Packs were each missing a Bench.

FINAL THOUGHT: All in all, very happy. Looking forward to the next set of Dwarvenite!
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