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Kickstarter Game Tiles Project
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TOPIC: Few Review comments
Few Review comments 1 Year, 3 Months ago  
I got my Game Tiles yesterday. These are great. 5 unpainted sets and 6 add-ons. I initially struggled trying to decide whether I should buy 10 sets or 5 sets and some add-ons. I finally decided on the latter and it was the right choice for me. The add-ons are excellent and really add all the necessary components. The quality of the pieces is excellent. All of my doors work well, none of them are stuck, and there was one really pleasant surprise among them. The portcullis. Man, I love those. They are one of the coolest pieces of all. The only problem was a slight warping of the 6x4 floor pieces and a slight gapping between those tiles when laid side by side. Otherwise everything is excellent. Best kickstarter ever. Thanks, Stefan and Jeff. You guys rock. I'm looking forward to your next KS.
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Re:Few Review comments 1 Year, 3 Months ago  
I adore that piece. I love to put the original version near the mermaid fountain and create a little "grotto" like patio.

When I first saw DF, it was a game table at a FLGS, and it completely blew me out of the water. As much as I liked the general design -- the modularity, the detail in the sculpt, the flagstone -- what really grabbed me were all the kewl little highlights. The aforementioned mermaid fountain and portcullis, the spiral stairs, the secret door, the demon archway. They just were such amazing attention-grabbers.

I'm hoping the KS really brings more people into the fold, and I'd love to see how DF expands on the idea. There are a lot of great dungeon elements yet to be seen in Dwarvenite, including some items on the above list -- and there's room for more! Plus, the caverns idea seems to be taking off.... Really can't wait to see where Stefan et al take the company next!
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