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TOPIC: Like a Dream Come True!
Like a Dream Come True! 1 Year ago  
I was trapped in a nightmare, It was Wednesday noon. Still no shipping notification :(

I put the twins down for a nap (they are almost 2), took a look at the mess in the kitchen and decided i should take a nap too. I was dead asleep when i heard a knock at the door. I ran to the door just in time to shout a Thank-you at the back of the Fed-Ex guy as he headed down the driveway. They were finally here!!!!!

Absolutely the best wakeup from a nap i have ever had.

I only had time to unbox 2 basic sets and play a little before the twins woke up (the kitchen still had thrown food everywhere and i needed to make dinner!) but i LOVE what i have seen so far.

Here is my very first DF build (and a lesson in how much i need to learn about photographing this stuff!) This is about a set and a half (i really just dipped in to the second so i could finish what i started).

First pic was flash - too harsh:

Overview with available light (a mix of daylight and incandescant so there is some funky to the colors):

A view from the party perspective:

And (violating the axis of action) the defensive posture:

I like the pics much better when i get low:

I think the rogue is in trouble:

I need to work on the lighting, as well as use a tripod to get the depth of field up a lot more but this was setup and photographed in under 20minutes (the twins were getting impatient with me...) I will post a more thorough review when i have unboxed everything, as well as pics of a much bigger layout that i have planned.
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Re:Like a Dream Come True! 1 Year ago  
I'm happy for you, kitenerd! For some reason I've been following your growing anxiety closer than others on the forum lol.
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