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First thoughts on my game tiles
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TOPIC: First thoughts on my game tiles
Re:First thoughts on my game tiles 10 Months, 1 Week ago  
My own tip:

Set down a piece of black construction paper, and put your tiles down on top of it, but leave a gap between them, so the dip down and the construction paper shows through.

Take 1-3 wooden coffee stirrers from Starbucks, laid down on top of the tiles, across the paper.

Now, you have a wooden bridge / plank the PC's have to travel across.

(I am running my group through A1, and needed a way to visually represent the pit and the shaky wooden beams.)

Best of all? Cheap, and effective.

I would guess that diferent colors of paper could represent other things as well - red for lava, blue for water, etc, we just didn't get that far. :P

We really need a forum section for tips and tricks...
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Re:First thoughts on my game tiles 10 Months ago  
that's a neat idea for a bridge.

So, now that I've had some more time to play around with the game tiles, I've put together a few more builds. One of which i really liked i snapped some more photos for.

A pic of the dungeon

A pic from a different angle

the pieces i didn't use in this dungeon (i still love them though)

BBEG caster squad in a 2 tiered chamber

spare rounded stairs used together to make a fountain/doodad

a couple pics of a gate house i made, complete with siege weaponry

a pool of water come to life!

couple shots of a prison i made using corner pieces and half walls (had nowhere near enough narrow doors so i had to improvise and use half walls laid on their side as "doors")

and a couple detailed shots of sections of the dungeon

All in all i used almost every piece in my 5 sets+stretch goals in this dungeon, all i had left over were some demon doors, one strait wall, a pillar, some rounded spacers and some stairs. all in all im happy with how it came out. Also, using the freestanding walls with strait walls to build hallways, super pain in the ass. probably gonna have to order me a passageways set when i have the money and they're in stock.
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