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Kickstarter Updates
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TOPIC: Important Update
Important Update 1 Year ago  
Thanks for everyone's thoughtful input - - especially about stretch goal pieces, add ons, and future sets. While it's impossible to reply to every comment or accommodate every request, we're doing our best to respond and make the best (doable) stretch goal program we can.

The most important two things we've planned:

First, we've added variety to free stretch goal pieces, instead of only adding in more straight walls, floors, etc. To avoid any confusion, we're not promising more total free stretch goal pieces than our original plan (that is unchanged at about double the number of pieces) - - just more variety. We've already started sculpting the new pieces and have committed to the additional steel tooling. The diagonals, curved and pillars are good examples.

Second, we've committed to several add-ons packs, unlocking through upcoming stretch goals. Here we are trying to offer even more variety - - at the lowest practical price - - as part of an effort to keep momentum going forward to the next free stretch goal. In addition to what has already been announced, you may see new doors, larger floors and an assortment of dungeon accessories.

We're excited to move forward, and we hope you like these new pieces as much as we do. Thanks once again for make this campaign such a success.
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Jeff Martin

Dwarven Forge, LLC
Re:Important Update 1 Year ago  
Hey Jeff,

Quick question, and if you can't answer yet, no worries.

A number of people on the Kickstarter have expressed interest in both the Rounded and Diagonal corner add-ons, but would like one of each. Has any thought been given to being able to get one of each for the price of the two pack? (i.e. Instead of $120 for one painted set of each, it would be $95 just like two sets of one kind)
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Chris Camburn
Re:Important Update 1 Year ago  
Jeff, Stefan, thank you both for all of the hard work you've put into this Kickstarter.

I'm so glad that the wild success of this event has allowed you to change your originally planned stretch goals. You are very generous to devote so much of the profit and your time to accommodating as many of the participants' requests as you already have.

Hopefully, this can be used as a template for the next KS, so you'll be able to simply kick back and watch the numbers roll up.

Congratulations, kudos, and many many thanks.
Minotaur Lord
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Re:Important Update 1 Year ago  
Jeff and Stefan,
In my humble opinion I think you're making the best decision possible to maximize the potential of the KS. People are wanting more variety but also more basic pieces. Someone receiving about an extra set of Df for everyone they buy is a great deal. I also like the fact that you're expanding Add-Ons that offer variety.

I'm also glad to see you've started adding new stretch goals at $50,000 as this will entice more people to open their wallets!

My guess is 1.2 million at the end of the KS! I hope my guess is really low though!
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"Keep the Dice Rollin,"
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