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Dungeon Dressing - Update #13 may need revision
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TOPIC: Dungeon Dressing - Update #13 may need revision
Dungeon Dressing - Update #13 may need revision 1 Year, 9 Months ago  
I saw the picture of the Dungeon Dressing Add-On Pack and then read the fine print. This is looking very awesome, but you should consider revising Update #13.

Update #13 says in part about Dungeon Dressing;
"Here’s what’s inside:
Cell Door: 1 piece (but it is now 2)
Barrel: 2 pieces (now removed)
Pile of Treasure: 2 pieces (now removed)
Pile of Skulls: 2 pieces (now removed)"

I think this is still incredibly nice. I did not expect the stairs, pit or secret door. The second cell door I personally wanted. Since we were already getting barrel and treasure as stretch, I don't mind loosing it. And I like the idea of skulls being a future stretch item (huge assumption there).

You already have someone actively editing your content within the last few minutes, so I know you are trying to keep everything in sync. I just don't want someone else to read the wrong section and misunderstand.

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