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HeroQuest Maps done in Dwarven Forge
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TOPIC: HeroQuest Maps done in Dwarven Forge
Re:HeroQuest Maps done in Dwarven Forge 9 Months, 1 Week ago  
Wow, a lot of work. I hope you make some more maps?
I am also an old Heroquest Fanatic and need them! ;)

@Michael Gill: A great pic! Can you show us more? Maybe in the Cool Photos-section?
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Re:HeroQuest Maps done in Dwarven Forge 9 Months ago  
I played around with the map maker to get a HeroQuest style map that is a little closer to the original board (26 squares by 19 squares).

This map contains all of the internal walls, but no doors, for the HeroQuest board (assumption is that you can modify the map to swap out walls for doors fairly easily).

Tile List:
Qty Tile
44 2x2 Floor
15 Corner
106 Straight Wall

I did not use any of the narrow passage tiles available in the current Caverns kickstarter, or any of the freestanding walls available in the previous kickstarter, as I wanted to keep to the main tiles currently available on the Dwarven Forge site. This map would require 8 sets of the "Game Tiles Set" of 34 pieces, because of the massive number of straight walls required...however, since few HeroQuest maps use the entire board, and some straight walls would be replaced by doors, 6 or 7 sets would probably be sufficient (or even fewer for those who participated in the kickstarter).

Because the Dwarven Forge tiles are 2 inches by 2 inches, and the Dwarven Forge walls are thicker than the walls on the HeroQuest map, and the HeroQuest map tiles are not perfect squares and aren't all the same size, some adjustments were necessary:
  • This map is 30 inches x 22 inches (instead of 26 squares by 19 squares).
  • A few of the walls come together as a corner on their angled edge rather than a flat side. I tried to limit this as much as possible.
  • The 4 rooms surrounding the main central room and bordering the wide N/S passageway are ~1 square too wide on the x-axis.
  • The central N/S passageway is 2 inches wide, while the narrow corridors are ~1.5 inches wide.
  • If I made the central N/S passageway double the width of the narrow corridors, this would make the map imbalanced and shrink the central room by 2 inches on the x-axis, making it too small -- though it would make a couple of the 4 rooms surrounding the main central room a little closer to how they appear on the original HeroQuest map.
  • I didn't make the outside of the map into a wall, so figures inside will be a little more accessible to players--I may change this if it doesn't look good when I build it.

I think I can get closer to the original HeroQuest map by cutting a few tiles, but the scale will still be a little off because of the HeroQuest map not using perfect squares. I've got an unpainted set of Dwarven Forge tiles I'm thinking about cutting and eventually painting, and adding a very mild wash to reflect the colors of the original HeroQuest board (not as obvious as the original, just a subtle greenish, bluish, reddish, etc. effect). I want to get the board right first though.

Any suggestions for how I can improve the map (without using modified tiles)?
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