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TOPIC: New DoE Set
Re:New DoE Set 2 Years, 11 Months ago  

I found the problem - my email-mailbox was completely full (12mb/12mb).

But now it should work.
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Re:New DoE Set 2 Years, 11 Months ago  
Yes - I noticed when I looked closer why the e-mail had returned.

I will resend it.
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Re:New DoE Set 2 Years, 10 Months ago  
Hi friends!

It's been a lot of time since I last posted, but I recieved my DoE Extension last week from the European Thod's site and I thought it would be fair to drop some comments here.

I't been a blast!!!!!!!!!!

You know, DF website has been banned at my office's network so I only can enter the site from home, and I'm a little busy in the last times, so I've been quite disconected from the DF news and community.

It's been a long time since I ordered my last sets, and making an order of DF stuff and get it always has been long term projects. You know, I'm from Spain so I usually first drool over the news of a new set, then I get the announcement, then order (or pre-order and then wait months), and then I wait for another month or so and if I don't get very very lucky I end having news from douanes which is a pain in the @ss to manage with, and then you wait some more and drop quite some cash... and in the end you get the set when the excitement has almost passed.

This time I get the news of the DoE extension just by chance when I entered a couple of weeks ago in Gramlot's blog, in which I enter every day to check out (thank you so much Thod!).

I have missed the latest news about the DF European site as well, and the last I had said that you had to register again, and some people were having trouble, etc.

Well, first surprise when I encountered that my usual login worked just perfectly at once. I ordered (yay!)and I got order status updates almost every day until a week ago the set showed up at my mail (O.O !!!!!)

This-is-amaaaaazing to me.

The set, as always, is excellent superb beautiful and useful, and I'm crazy to put it on the table. The insert pieces for the intersection has been a little tricky to put in their slots, but that's the only ranting I can do, and in the end they worked perfectly without any damage, because even as I did it with brute force, the pieces are so sturdy that they ended adapting very well.

So here's my congratulations and Thank you to Stefan, Jeff, Lori and all the DF stuff, and this time specially to Thod who has made this possible. I saw the Otherworld Miniatures name in the box invoice, so thank you to you as well friend!

You can count me in as a new loyal customer, hope to see more individual pieces and stuff. Besides, I'm and Otherworld Miniatures admirer from the begining but I barely can paint my self (or have the time) so I have to say if I didn't say it before that if you put up prepainted otherworld miniatures, I will buy A TON.

Thank you again fellow DFers, greetings, and keep up the superb work!
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I want my DF Spiderweb Accesories Set!!! ^O^U
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