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On continued reflections about the Sci-Fi line
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TOPIC: On continued reflections about the Sci-Fi line
On continued reflections about the Sci-Fi line 9 Years, 5 Months ago  
I know there's a lot of discussion about why the SF line isn't doing better, and that most people probably aren't going to change their opinions based on one bit of data or another.

Still, just to add to the pile, here's something interesting: I've been posting at the official Star Wars miniatures forum, and I've posted a few links to these pages, to show some of the conversions I've been posting lately. I hoped it would kill two birds with one stone: allow me to show off my conversions to the SW gaming community, and show off Dwarven Forge to the SW gaming community.

Well, since I did, I'd say no fewer than three or four people have asked about the "stuff in the background" of my pics. Each time a discussion has followed.

So -- what's the point of all this? -- it just makes me realize how many people out there, people playing the SW minis game, just don't know about Dwarven Forge's Sci-Fi line.

I know there can be debate about which games are the biggest games, but certainly SWM is up there, if it isn't the biggest, or even in the top 5. I know it's the only Sci-fi minis game I've seen sold at Barnes and Noble, and the only SF minis game I've seen sold at places like Suncoast and similar specialty stores. That means that, even if SWM is not the biggest in terms of numbers of players or revenue generation, it is certainly one of the most high-profile SF games out there.

So we've got a high-profile game, attracting all sorts of newbies, and these kids haven't heard of DF. I think, if Stefan et al want to look into the continued viability of the SF line, certainly figuring out a way to get the name out there and the product out there might be something to consider.
For one thing -- hardcore gamers into hardcore games tend to be rather dogmatic at times. They certainly have intense preferences and opinions they are rather unwilling to relinquish. I know I've met zealous fans of Hirst Arts before, for example. Some of those gamers just might not consider DF, they might have written it off. The newbies, though -- they haven't made up their minds yet. If they can be reached, there's a whole market of new gamers out there who haven't had time yet to decide that they will be utterly loyal to company X and would never even consider buying anything from company Y.

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On continued reflections about the Sci-Fi line 9 Years, 4 Months ago  
I must have missed this the first time it came around, not supprissed i was rather busy arounf the 30th.

As to DF and SW, yeah I decided a ways back to put into my Sig over on the Wizards Boards the link to the thread where i was showing the pictures for my d20 RPG using DF, i have gotten a number of requests as well in PM's as to what that stuff is. I think we are slowly generating intrest.

I know a guy who just moved to the Area and is interested in playing in the Monthly skirmish league has talked about DF and would LOVE to play a game on it. May have to grab a few sets from where they are stored and lug them to my FLGS one day to let him try them out, maybe i can get him to buy a few...
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More Sci Fi Please, request a DEAD END for Sci Fi Passages
Classes of the Old Republic
Some RPG and mini stats including the Exodus and AAT (along with good source of a Mini scale version of the AAT).
On continued reflections about the Sci-Fi line 9 Years, 4 Months ago  
L is right; a lot of SF gamers do not even know about DF SF MM.
DF for seven years did nothing but fantasy terrain with a little bit of Cavern MM mixed in.
At the time if SF folks wanted easy cavern terrain, they usually bought Geo-Hex's CavernScape.

Now though with Geo-Hex out of the way and the WEB being used far more, we can really introduce to whole untapped group of SF gamers the DF SF MM line.

The problem with that is that consistent complaint I keep running into that gets introduced with the comment/question of, "Wow! That terrain looks really cool and useful. Now, please show me the computers/etc.(SF furnishings) that go with it."
When I cannot do that because they do not exist, enthusiasm starts to cool rapidly.

Let's get the SF furnishings going, quality ones that can be used in SW and other SF games, and then we can get DF SF MM really rolling!

As far as Hirst Arts and other fanatics not switching over to DF SF MM, let us just avoid the problem - flank them!
When you speak to people like that, talk about the great SF interior playing strengths that DF SF MM has.
Almost all of Hirst Arts stuff that is SF in genre is just like most other SF terrain companies out there - SF exterior fights.
Simply emphasize the really cool interior SF fighting capacities of the DF SF MM.
That way you can get these fanatics to add on to their terrain collection so that they can fight in a different environment.

Remember, when you talk to these folks, do not try to get them to give up their "old" stuff; you will fail with that tack.
Simply talk them into adding to their terrain collection.
That will work for the beginning, and then the DF SF MM will convince them to give up the old stuff through its quality that cannot truly be experienced through a sales pitch.

I must have strange B&Ns, Suncoasts and so forth in this area L - they do the SW SF mini stuff, but they are also heavily into MechWarriorDA & HeroClix SF minis as well.

As for your efforts GS, good job!
A snowball starts small at the top of the hill.
How about if all of the SF gamers here help out with it?
That way we can have a snowboulder fairly quickly and far before we get to the bottom of the hill!
Maybe we can even generate a barrage of snowboulders that way, eh?
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