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DF and Star Wars minis scenario
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TOPIC: DF and Star Wars minis scenario
DF and Star Wars minis scenario 8 Years, 10 Months ago  
Recently we played a fixed squad Rebel vs. Empire event pictured below:

Rather than a kill 'em all format the Rebel Player could win by getting two Rebel Pilots into the X-Wings and away. One escaping pilot resulted in a tie. No escaping pilots was an Imperial Victory. The Imperial and Rebel squads were fixed, we didn't allow each player to construct their own squads. Also the starting position of the Rebel Squad is the Octagonal Room at the top of the "ship", the Empire players minis were dispersed throughout the map in a "patrol".

The idea of the scenario was not the kill or be killed typical fair, but allowed the Rebel player to make a mad dash for the X-Wings either by heading straight down either hallway, or both, or feinting and end runs through the main rooms. We used the floor portholes from the Alpha set, these not only provide cover, but grant cover even in adjacency, kind of mini-bunkers. Entering the portholes is like entering other low objects, movement of one square is two movement, but unlike leaving low objects to a normal square we required two movement as well (Its just hard to jump out 'ya know).

The squares on the ramps from the Alpha set that are at an angle require two movement, while the flat ones only require one. To the mini that was fortunate enough to reach a snub fighter we required two squares to get in the cockpit (we should have used four like moving diagonally into low objects). It took Start Fighter actiivation (Replaces Turn) to turn the thing on. Another full activation to get the heck out of there. The Imperial player was given a Stormie reinforcement on EVEN initiative rolls, but only if he had already lost a stormie.

Imperial Squad: Stormie Officer, Elite Stormie, 15 Stormies
Rebel Squad: Wedge, 7 Pilots, Bothan Spy, 2 Bith Rebels, 2 Rebel Troopers

Six players played a total of four games. The balance seemed to be there. The Rebels put a serious whoming on the Imperial lackeys early in this scenario, as 7 to 8 stormies will die in the first several turns. Playing the Empire is to play for a tie as Evade nullifies most hits. Losing the Elite is to lose the scenario, but the Empire did draw in a game losing the Officer and Elite early. Their starting position is on an elevated platform made up of the removable floor tile from Alpha, four supports and two sets of ramps. In the pic they are in middle of the main forward room. It is hard to see the elevated platform though. In reality the scenario comes down to the Imperail player getting massive reinforcements in the later turns. Bad init rolls will doom the Imperials.

We tried a couple of different house rules. Once in the X-Wing cockpits Evade required a 15 or better to work, you just can't dodge much while strapped in, but you were given a +20 to your defense instead of a +4 for cover. Believe it or not Wedge died in one scenario sitting in the cockpit when the Impies combined fire with Everybody and he failed his evade.
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DF and Star Wars minis scenario 8 Years, 10 Months ago  
Intersting, Coming from the RPG i would have run things a bit different (there are some actually stats for what being in the cockpit gives and how long it takes to start up a ship the size of an X-wing) but eh it sounded fun anyway.

I want t oget a few more people going in my Skirmish group before we run scenerios, we tried it once, but i was the only one with enough figures to make a set piece group...
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