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Desired Sci-Fi Parts
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TOPIC: Desired Sci-Fi Parts
Desired Sci-Fi Parts 8 Years, 10 Months ago  
Well, I guess since the e-Mails have started arriving, I guess some of you folks have indicated you want to have me do this continually updated list of Sci-Fi furnishings here on the forum so that Jeff and Stefan can use it as a current list

Here goes --
shuttle bay doors
(they can swing open and shut like the MM trap doors do now)
double-wide doors
(look like current sci-fi doors, but are 4", not 2" -
good for larger, more public entrances into places like hospital entrances, hotels, small warehouses, etc.)
{possibly where the 4" door is actually separate but facing two 2" in a 4" doorframe}

various computer stations
(to be used in a variety of places from bridge, engineering, sickbay, etc.
command chair
(for the starship enthusiast)
assorted chairs
(meetings, recreation, stools, bench, relaxation)
assorted tables
(conference, messhall, ready room, desks, lab tables)
(both individual quarters and barracks)
lockers and storage furniture
(wall and foot lockers, for both barracks and facility storage)
fresher stations
(shower, toilet, sink, air dryer)
kitchen/food prep
(food processors, cafeteria/mess counter, kitchen appliances, "picnic"/cafeteria/mess tables)
armory racks
(gun & missile racks, ammo cases)
trash recepticles
(someone here does not like Sci-Fi litterbugs I guess)
(bridge screens, tactical displays, holotanks{specifically sculpted so as to allow the individual user to supply the pic in them})
sickbay equipment
(diagnostic bed, diagnostic stations, bacta tank, cryo-beds)
enigneering equipment
(power packs, "warp coils", lift/elevator)
repbay equipment
(tool containers, repair scaffolds, cranes, carts)
rec-room equipment
(a bar, vending machines, vid game stuff, pool tables, foosball, ball playing facilities{racketball came to mind when I read this one})
assorted lights
(hallway tower lights, repair bay tripod light, 'stadium' light panel )
(stacks of gold/silver/other bullion on pallets, other SF-style loot)
Futurama's New-New York sewer system
(pipes, modern/sf-style ruins, glowing radioactive clear-resin rivers)

Some of us definitely have some imaginations.
Better than mine!

The easiest thing for everyone to do in this matter is to simply e-Mail one of us and let that person be the nexus that assembles a list off-line so that we do not have another one of those rambling threads that by message #25 or #30 becomes confused and untenable.

This way there is a clean list with no unnecessary duplication of items.

It would be a thread in the Sci-Fi area that will contain only one posting that will have weekly, if not more often, updates of a sanitized list in the form of a repeatedly edited posting.

That posting will therefore be continually inspiring to us of items we just had not thought of at first or even third thought.

Additionally, it will keep the matter coherant for Jeff and Stefan so as to facilitate their planning of this Sci-Fi expansion.

Let's make this posting and its list work guys!!
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Desired Sci-Fi Parts 7 Years, 1 Month ago  
Different sizes and styles of floor panels top my list.
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Desired Sci-Fi Parts 5 Years, 3 Months ago  
Sci-Fi stairs in the "style" of the ROTA2 Small Stairs and Curved Stairs.

Twisted and broken passages, blend the Cavernous Passages layouts and the Sci-Fi Passages set to form Wrecked Passages. For damaged ship sections, collapsing bases, ruined stations and more.

Narrow Passages Set SciFi

Basically take the RotA and RotA2 and retouch them in a Sci-Fi flavor, now you have Bespin, Naboo, Nakatomi Plaza, Cyberdyne Systems, or the Grand Concert halls of Phloston Paradise!

Sci-Fi Buttressed Long Wall sections with center openings, like the ABS pieces with the Demon Face DoE Wicked Horned Arches but replaced with structural girder/ribs.

Add sci-fi elements to the Cavernous passage sets and you get Asteroid/Mine passages! Carven Stonework, perhaps wierd colored crystal formations, and wall piping/wiring with metal deck-grating.

Transparent vertical-panel atop free-standing Consoles....think Navigation/Map consoles for surface projections.

Love it, have it all, several of each, WANT MOAR!
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