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Taking MBS to the Streets
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TOPIC: Taking MBS to the Streets
Taking MBS to the Streets 6 Months, 1 Week ago  
Law wrote:
The primary thing I'd like to see for an MBS "expansion" would be outdoor urban pieces.  Floors that together form a cobblestone street or stone plaza, signposts, a well, maybe some floors with sewer grates, the kinds of things that you could use to create a full location for the MBS pieces.  And, of course, if at all possible, some kind of roof system.  Doesn't have to be complete roofs, but maybe something that can be used to suggest roofs at the top of the walls.  MBS is so much fun to use to create a full town, and it would require comparatively little to expand its versatility GREATLY in this way.  Instead of just doing an inn, or a guild hall, or a tavern, you could create an entire town for the adventure to begin.  And unlike other, more "wild" or rural "outdoor" environments people have wanted DF to do, this one still works with the modular DF system.  We're not talking about something with indefinite boundaries that would be hard to re-create with DF, we're talking about something that could easily be "bound" -- a walled city (or at least one with a place where the sidewalk ends).

It's a big topic, and deserves its own thread. Possibly two.

I have argued against DF expanding into outdoor areas in the past, and I still don't believe that DF should enable us to cover every square inch of the gaming table with sculpted and painted tiles. But let's take another look in manageable chunks.


Eminently doable, especially since they would all basically be 2"x2" floor pieces. If they are uniform to the edges (no curb) there don't even need to be corners or dead ends. There would need to be some specialty pieces to go outside diagonal walls and round corners, but that shouldn't be too complicated.

A piece with a single rough edge where the sidewalk ends might be nice. These could be turned to put the rough edge furthest from the building, which creates the need for a corner piece with two rough edges perpendicular to each other.

Any of these could be used to create sidewalks or medians or jetties (on a blue water mat) or even alternate floor pieces with other DF sets.

Streets and Roads

Also eminently doable. Pretty much identical to sidewalks, really, uniform squares and some specialty pieces to go against diagonal and round corner sidewalks. They could even have pieces with one and two rough edges where the road surface ends.

My problems with using tiles for streets and roads are volume and diversity.

Volume, because we'd need a ton of them. Larger tiles (4"x4"?) would be a must. The cost of laying down more than a single short street would quickly approach prohibitive levels.

Diversity, because we probably want different and/or multiple road surfaces. Dirt, gravel, cobblestone, brick, flagstone, skulls, so on and so on. DF can only develop, market, and store so many options. DF customers can only afford and store so many options.

The practical, cost-conscious solution is to stop at sidewalks and use mats or printed paper to represent "ground level".

Town/City/Castle Walls

Suddenly, with the successful (yes?) introduction of Cavern Elevation pieces, this is possible. Expensive, but possible.

Imagine a Dwarvenite block sculpted to look like stacked stone blocks, smooth on all sides. Put a bunch in a row and you have a ten foot thick wall. Any block can be a corner. Stack another row on top for a higher wall. Put four or more together (two or more by two or more) and you have the footprint of a tower.

Again, this gets pricey fast, and not everybody will be able to afford enough pieces to circle their entire town or courtyard. But there is no cheap, easy solution like mats to argue against doing it.

Well, Fountain, Plinth, Grate

Wells are widely available, unpainted and (IIRC) pre-painted. I could see having one by DF in order to get the base size right in conjunction with street/road tiles, if that's the way DF goes. But I would strongly prefer a freestanding well without a base (or tufts of grass) so that it can go anywhere on any surface, whether it be DF tile or mat or whatever.

Fountains also widely available, both options. I would lobby DF for a modular fountain set, water tiles with stone borders for the pool and a couple of stone uprights and sculpted water pieces as options for the fountain. Once again, these could be used in conjunction with street/road tiles, sidewalks, or even in dungeons and caverns, or they could be put in the middle of a mat all by themselves.

Plinths are kind of already covered, what with DF's pedestals. Really big plinths could be realized using the wall idea above.

Grates might be done a new way for greater versatility. If only the "metal" bits were sculpted, rather than being sculpted as part of a floor piece, they could be put anywhere on any surface. They could be grouped together to created a large grate surface, they could go on water to represent a mostly-submerged cage, they could go in Den of Evil as the last oubliette you'd ever want to get stuck in.

Signs and other "town furnishings" might be done as a plastic accessory set. 

Something else to consider for plastic. An idea was posted recently to find a way to stack a second floor so that it stuck out beyond the boundaries of the first, overhanging the street as some medieval buildings did. Four posts and a flat surface at the top ("similar to a pizza saver") might do that, but I don't know if it would be stable enough.

Anyway, that's a lot of words about outdoor MBS. Thoughts? Ideas? Rebuttal?
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