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Transition Pieces with End Caps
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TOPIC: Transition Pieces with End Caps
Transition Pieces with End Caps 1 Year, 7 Months ago  
I love transition pieces. A piece that begins in one set and ends in another, allowing a smooth segue between environments... Fantastic!

The Cavern Set comes with a transition to classic DF dungeons, and now we have Cavern/HellScape and HellScape/DoE transitions sold as individual pieces.

I think there may be a reluctance to include transition pieces in sets because 1) there are more and more DF lines, requiring more and more transitions, and 2) if the customer doesn't have any sets on the other side of the transition, that piece is "wasted".

My idea (finally!) is to include an end cap with every transition piece.

For example, if ESKERIDGE put a Catacombs/HellScape transition piece in Catacombs 4, there would also be a HellScape end cap. A buyer who doesn't have any HellScape sets doesn't end up with a bridge to nowhere, and a buyer who does have HellScape sets gets a bonus piece. The transition piece and end cap can be played as a cul-de-sac with a different theme.

If DF ever decides to put out a set that's just transition pieces, it should have two end caps for every transition piece -- one for each side. Unless they decide to put out one set for each line, where every transition piece in the set would begin in the the same environment and end in another (all Cavern transitions, all RotA transitions, etc.), which would only need one end cap for each transition piece.

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Re:Transition Pieces with End Caps 1 Year, 7 Months ago  
It's a very good idea. I am not sure how feasible though if you just add endcaps to the set. How about an Advanced Builder set for each line as a very limited edition?? They would sell because the core community would snap them up. Then we could get the end caps plus other cool bits too.
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