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Catacombs Dead Ends
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TOPIC: Catacombs Dead Ends
Catacombs Dead Ends 1 Year, 3 Months ago  
This is not a post about the kickstarter, or DF's new Game Tiles.

I'm sorry. Don't hate me.

It occurred to me that dead ends and blocked passages and sealed doorways can be very useful for a couple-few reasons, and should be added to one of the upcoming Catacombs expansions.

A collapsed section like the Dead End Short Passage (WA2) would allow us to imply a much larger setting than we might have sets for, without leaving open doorways or passages that players will inevitably want to go through. A debris inset for the arched Catacombs doorway could double as a barrier to movement, and DMs could drop it on unwary PCs in ancient or trapped tombs. A short freestanding wall piece sculpted like a wall of iron might be an impenetrable seal blocking older, plot-irrelevant sections of the tunnels.

Or, barriers might just be obstacles that coincide with good places to take a break -- "while the party digs", grab a snack or stretch your legs or set up the next area of the dungeon.

One or three pieces could add scope to even a small Catacombs set-up, without requiring lots of sets or continual dis/re- assembly of pieces.

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Re:Catacombs Dead Ends 1 Year, 3 Months ago  
Those all sound like good ideas to me. I love doors and collapsed passages.
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Currently designing modular elven city,modular sewers, dwarven ruins, custom cavern elements, ice caverns, and towers.

I would love to see the following sets in the future...
Ice caverns expansion set 2
Hellscape expansion set 2 (lava lake, rivers, lava falls)
Cavernous Rivers expansion waterfall
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