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Questions for Admin about DF stuff...
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TOPIC: Questions for Admin about DF stuff...
Questions for Admin about DF stuff... 10 Years, 1 Month ago  
A question to Dwarven Forge mgt.:

The discussion in the "October Releases" forum has me thinking...and I've got a few questions which hopefully one of you could answer.

Firstly, I understand that product lines change, that things are discontinued, new stock is created and so forth, don't get me wrong.

But one of the tenents that I've always stood on with Dwarven Forge stuff was that with a single "inexpensive" purchase you could get a whole lot of dungeon - the Rooms & Passages set is a perfect example. That coupled with maybe, say, the Ogre's Den or a Wicked Additions (I or II) is a pretty damn cost effective way of getting one's foot in the door with Dwarven Forge stuff. It's what I always tell people whenever they say "But isn't DF stuff expensive?" I talk up the flexibility of what can be had with that one core piece, and how the system can be built up slowly.

So my first question is: are the big boxes going to be discontinued? Are we going to see an end to Rooms & Passages and Wicked Additions? Are the sets that are gone gone for good? I realize things like the Octagonal Room and the Narrow Passages are gone for good but...

At any rate, hopefully this will get an answer. I as a DM appreciate the first rate work done by the sculptors at DF and hope there's more cool stuff in the future (as well as good ol' reliable white box purchases! :) )
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