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Smooth Stone, Big Blocks
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TOPIC: Smooth Stone, Big Blocks
Smooth Stone, Big Blocks 2 Years, 7 Months ago  
In the News thread concerning the new Egyptian-themed treasure accessories, Dandare suggested a "Pyramid styled dungeon tile set ... with more 'sand stone' colored walls and floors etc.. Covered in painted / faded hieroglyphics and standing in some corners anubis".

I too, would like to (someday) see a DF set that shows smooth, sand-to-beige colored stone blocks on walls and floor. Each block would be three or four times the size of the stones in the standard dungeon sets, with a smooth (but possibly textured) surface and flush with the other blocks.

I think we would be served best by making some of the pieces entirely generic, and some of the pieces decorated/themed. There could be completely plain pieces, but there could also be pieces with painted or carved hieroglyphs and/or murals. This would allow us to vary our set-ups between completely plain, partially decorated, or completely themed.

If the plain pieces and themed pieces were sold in different sets, DF would also be able to see which pieces were most popular (by sales), and they could order accordingly (or even cancel a set without canceling the whole line). They could also create expansions with different themes (alien writing on the walls, embedded technology, whatever) if the first few sets do well sales-wise.

Continuing in the plain-vs-themed motif, some pillars might be generic (plain columns, or a simple and generic design like a spiral) and some might be decorated. Decorated columns might also be split between carved hieroglyphs and painted designs.

As for statues, I favor making those as free-standing accessories. It gives us more options where to put the statues if we want them in a set-up, and doesn't eliminate a tile if we don't. It also lets us use different statues from one set-up or gaming session to the next; one night the players might be in the temple of Anubis, another night they might be in the tomb of Ra, just by switching the statues.

Feedback? Suggestions? Counterpoints?

Oh, one other thought. What if the walls sloped outward slightly? Instead of having a partial floor tile beside a wall, the walls would be one tile (one inch) thick at the base and standard thickness at the top. I think it would make the line stand out from the others, but my aesthetics might be in the minority. I might also be missing a problem with design or casting. Thoughts?
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Re:Smooth Stone, Big Blocks 2 Years, 7 Months ago  
That sounds even better!
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