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Wicked Additions 4
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TOPIC: Wicked Additions 4
Re:Wicked Additions 4 2 Years, 11 Months ago  
granpappy77 wrote:
Brvheart- the "Wicked Additions" sets are much more about cool features than map layouts. Its the Advanced Builder sets that tend to focus more on what you're asking for here. It seems that folks have been asking for curved passages and that sort of thing for awhile now- hopefully its either in the works or at least on Stefan's mind for a future set...

I agree with Granpappy77. My ideas are less about map layouts/decorations and more about features. I am also trying to steal ideas that DF has already found successful and therefore would probably sell well.Some of these items might have two of them in the set.

Four-way intersection (aka RotA intersection) with inserts.
6" passage way with two side openings and inserts (aka DoE expansion bonus)
Rubble (center of room)
Rubble (piled against wall so it can be put into Passage or room wall)
Curved Stairway (the other way from WA2, counter-clockwise?)
4" x 4" pit (not a trap, just a pit, maybe make the 5-ton block fit inside!, maybe not)
4" X 4" Altar (with hidden 10ft wide stair hidden underneath)with male and female sacrifices
Wall with crypt alcove (the holes in the wall, not like the floors set)
Corner (45 Degree) 'opening' with door insert (otherwise it will fall down)
Wall with torch bracket and torches
Corner secret door
Idol that is stand alone or compliments the DoE

OK, I started to add scenery ideas. As always, I am sure the DF choices will be excellent and DF will have more ideas then they can fullfill, but Gamers are dreamers!!!!
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