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TOPIC: Pivoting Walls
Pivoting Walls 5 Years, 3 Months ago  
Now that the secret of RotA2 is officially out, I can finally post this topic.

We've seen a couple of instances of pivoting walls now, as secret doors or possible traps. I'm curious what other purposes we can come up with for pivoting walls, and if any of them might be worth producing for future sets.

My first thought was putting two different (but related) environments on either side of many pieces. Long story short, it didn't really work out. I think that this idea works best with individual pieces meant to go "against" the "outside" of a set-up, such as a dungeon wall that backs up to solid rock or earth.

Putting different aspects of a particular wall feature on each side might work. For example, a wall shrine might show a happy deity on one side, and an angry diety on the other. A trap/device might be shown before and after being tripped, or in passive and active modes. A rune might be painted to match the wall on one side, and be painted to simulate glowing on the other. One side might be blank wall, the other might be glittering energy portal. GMs can leave one side turned to the "playing" side all night, or they might use the other side during play.

Another possibility is to incorporate pivoting walls in a four-way passage intersection. Anchor two swinging walls at two opposite corners, and the same intersection (strategically placed among other passages) can create/complicate a maze-like setting by changing the position of the two swinging walls whenever the characters turn a corner.

Admittedly, most or all of these effects can be produced by switching out one piece for another, but this is a new toy and I thought I'd play with it a bit.

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