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TOPIC: Underwater Set
Underwater Set 5 Years, 2 Months ago  
In the Poll: New settings, or expansions for old? thread, Shadbelly brought up an idea about an Underwater Set, with a coral reef and/or Atlantis theme.

I like the idea, so I thought I'd start a thread.

The first place my head went was coral walls. Fan coral is a good choice for a vertical barrier, a nice flat semicircle kind of shape. Rows of bamboo coral might also work, tall vertical rods. Seaweed and sponges might also make good walls. One piece might be a huge shell standing on end. What about jellyfish, as a wall or a column?

For pedestals, there is table coral, nice mushroom shapes with flat tops. It would also be neat to have a brain coral, just to get into the players' heads.

One or two pieces in an Underwater Set might be sections of a broken ship's hull.

If the Atlantis theme appeals, I envision classical Greek with lots of white stone, but I'm reluctant to go too far down that road as I fear this would just be another variation on stone walls. But if a quarter to a third of the set were sunken ruins, and the rest were reef and other stuff, I don't think I could complain.

For the "floor", I favor sand. As mentioned in the Cavernous Lake Set- Movement Question thread, you don't necessarily have to mark all of the squares on a tile to keep track of movement. If the set is 2"x2" pieces, I'd put a "reference square" in one corner and make the rest of the tile sand. If the set is 4"x4" pieces, I'd put two or three "reference squares" on the tile (never adjoining) and make the rest of the tile sand. Note that a "reference square" could be lots of things, including a piece of stone flooring from the Atlantis ruins, or a starfish, or a ship's wheel, or a sand dollar, or an oyster bed, etc.

The biggest issue I see with an Underwater Set is why would walls restrict movement when characters can simply swim up over them? Pirates of the Caribbean showed us that zombies walk on the sea bottom -- so would an armored or encumbered character. Powerful currents above might keep characters from swimming up, or schools of predators (hammerhead sharks, for example).

I don't actually think this is anything DF will/should do, but it might be fun to play with ideas. Thoughts?
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Underwater Set 5 Years, 2 Months ago  
Walls wouldn't restrict movement, but entire structures would.

Like in standard DF, just because there are no ceilngs built into the set doesn't mean they aren't there :) The presence of some sort of overhead covering is just implied. But based on that, i would suggest perhaps two different floor tiles....sand as you have suggested, but also coral, for those who are interested in doing multi layered setups :)

Main issue with what you are suggesting here is probably the hodge podge nature of the sets, with a little bit of this, a little bit of that....etc

While you are not suggesting a DF set here, if it were a consideration, I would tend to release them in themed boxes rather than a one box solves everything solution.....so, do a coral box set, a sunken ship box set, an atlantis box set.....etc. Different themed underwater box sets so fans can pick up what they feel they would need the most :)

Some of the other sets like caverns etc can also be used as settings, except they are now submerged :)
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Underwater Set 5 Years, 2 Months ago  
If you needed a shipwreck one of these would be perfect. They are always available on ebay.

With an abundance of shipwrecks available if df were to make a set they could just concentrate on the reef, sunken ruins idea.
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