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Caverns - I hope this hasn't been covered before!
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TOPIC: Caverns - I hope this hasn't been covered before!
Caverns - I hope this hasn't been covered before! 10 Years, 5 Months ago  
Hi all,

As I may have mentioned in my previous post, I am an avid Lord of the Rings fan. Actually, I've been an avid LotR fan for at least 30 years. Whilst I like the films, the books are my favourites. Anyway, as I said before, one of my main reasons for getting into MM was to be able to set up good-looking games set in the Mines of Moria (and other underground places in Middle Earth - the Aglarond or Goblin Gate for examples).

The Cavern and Cavernous Passages sets are great, as far as they go, but I really could use some more variety. I see people have already suggested underground lakes and rivers - cool ideas (sorry for the pun!). I'd like to see cavernous passages with only one side-wall - the other side being open to represent 'bottomless' chasms (including maybe a piece where a rockfall has made the 'ledge' really narrow?). Bridges (maybe a bit like the Bridge of Khazad Dum?) or walkways 'suspended in space', and cavernous stairways ('open' or between walls) would also be really useful. Narrow cavernous passages would be useful, to represent areas well off the beaten track where the unsuspecting dwarf miner might run into a few orcs (or worse).

In terms of 'ordinary' MM stuff, I'm really sorry to see the disappearance of the narrow passages set before I got round to buying any MM stuff- I think I'd find a lot of uses for those. Serves me right I suppose for vacillating so long!

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Medieval Buildings Set, Caverns x2, Cavernous Passages, Room and Passage, Deluxe Room, Octagonal Room, Narrow Passages, Advanced Builder, Wicked Additions I, Wicked Additions II, Traps I, Traps II, lots of individual pieces. I want Cavernous Rivers, and Cavernous Lakes, and Cavernous Ledges. Can you tell that I like caverns?
Caverns - I hope this hasn't been covered before! 10 Years, 5 Months ago  
Well, we've been told a cavernous lake and river is in the works, but it keeps being pushed back and other projects get release dates first. So now we have your voice to join us in our call for what sounds like the best set yet!

(remember, Jeff and Stefan, the cavern set is many people's favorite set, and even fans of Hirst Arts Castlemolds admit that they cannot do anything as cool as the cavern stuff -- this is the area where MM clearly rules the market!)

As I'm sure you've seen, the new floor set (pics in the "Oct. Preview" thread) has a great chasm piece. It's not as large as I'm sure you're thinking, but it should at least help to contribute to the "Moria-like" feeling you're aiming for in a cavern. (Plus, that floor set looks like it's worth grabbing twice, and that'd give you two caverns)

Your other suggestions are excellent, IMHO. They've been alluded to before, but they haven't been brought up in awhile. I'd say they break down into two general areas:

1. Multi-level pieces. Bridges, walkways, etc. are part of a more general idea some of us have been requesting for pieces that are higher than the standard 2 inches. We'd love to see higher walls, for things like balconies and high windows and doors, and also things like bridges and overhanging walkways and ledges. As it stands, even with stacking, the MM design is fairly flat. It's like taking a map and making it 3-D. We'd like to see it get a bit more depth. break out of the grid as it were.

2. Ruined pieces. I've been asking for ruins for ages -- you can approximate them with things like the narrow passage pieces (which give you single columns and narrow doorways) and the advanced builder set (which gives you half walls and half corners). But I'd like to see crumbling walls, crumbling floors, etc. If there were two or three floor squares that ended in crumbling ruin, you could line them up alongside one another to create the sense of the "edge of the abyss." Then you'd have a chasm as large as you could want.

For now, I bet you could come up with some evocative Middle-earth terrain with just the two cavern sets, but you're right, some new approaches would really bring it to life even more.

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Caverns - I hope this hasn't been covered before! 10 Years, 5 Months ago  

I am a big LOTR Fan as Well... The Movies are Great, the Books are Better, But I am Not Really Complaining as had these Flicks Been made by any one other than Jackson, and had they been attempted at any previous time in History the Special Effects AND more importantly I Think, the respect for the Genre' would have been seriously lacking... (Ref: Sword and the Sorcerer, Beast Master I & II, Conan II, Dungeon Master, Red Sonja... Yadda-Yadda-Yadda...) Even So I Really Missed Tom Bombadil...<Sigh>...

That having been Said, I Must admit I Have Never Played a LOTR Specific System, (Though we do own the Trivial Pursuit LOTR edition...<Grin>...), Anyway With So Many New Game Systems out there, and so many older systems being revamped, and D20-ized, I Have No Idea if I'll have an Opportunity or not as most of my Friends are still refuseing to Switch over from Warhammer, and I am not Likely to buy more than One "New" System... (Right Now I am Thinking Hard on 3.5)... So I Guess I am Curious to Hear How the LOTR System Plays?

Also as far as the Caverns Go... I Have Two of the Caverns and None of the Passages, but I can Get a Pretty Nice Layout with Two... But I understand the awkwardness of having a Cliff that is essentially a Straight Line accross, so a Couple of Modular "Uneven" Pieces might be Kinda Kewl... We have Been Encourageing the Good Folks at DF to release some sort of Cavern Accessories, so Perhaps they will take that under advisement as well... (Maybe it will even be a part of the Afore mention/ as yet ellusive Lake/ River Set... Which would be a Fairly Logical place to put them really)...


On Point 1, How would Taller Walls Balance? Maybe have the Floor Sections be 3" deep? Or Even 4" perhaps... It seems to me like there are a lot of differnt types of Bridges available on the Market now, But I Guess where DF could compete might be in a Modular Bridge Set... Have a Basic Set that Could be put together with maybe Two End Pieces that Could Connect to ANY floor section, and a few Center "Spans" that Could be Placed together end to end? Or even set them up kind of like the walls, so that you would have just the side pieces maybe making them Narrow like 1" so that two sides could make a fairly Narrow "Little" Bridge, then have Floor Sections that could be sandwiched by the sides then you could make a Bridge Virtually any Length or Breadth... Either way I would want to see a Simple but fuctional introductary set, followed by the sale of individual Componants... Of Course some "Intersections and Corners would be Kewl in Small Numbers for Making more complex Bridge Labyrinths and such... The Question simply remains, do we want Wooden Bridges/ Platforms, Stone or maybe Iron? I Doubt we will see all three...

On Point 2 Ruins... We Deffinatley NEED Ruins... Rather we are Talking about Walls or Floors, Shattered Doors torn from hinges, or even crumbling Accessories like Stairs or defunct Collapsed Passages... Also Piles of Rubble for Both the MM and Cavern Sets... Maybe in 2-3 different sizes... And in keeping with the above diatribe of course we would need some Ruined Bridge pieces as well...
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