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Rooms -- Magical Locus
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TOPIC: Rooms -- Magical Locus
Rooms -- Magical Locus 5 Years, 5 Months ago  
"Rooms" is an idea for expansions to the Fantasy line that enhance the existing pieces without creating an entirely new line. A "Rooms" set is not necessarily a room unto itself -- it might be just a few pieces that allow the builder to add pieces to other DF sets to evoke scenes and environments not previously available.


Sorry if this sucks, I'm home sick today.

This is not an idea for a wizard's study -- not that DF wouldn't do it better than anybody else, but there are already a lot of accessories to dress up a DF room as a wizard's study.

The first piece I envision is a 4"x4" or 6"x6" floor piece with complicated magical engraving. I know this is similar to the pentagram floor piece, but I'm picturing a more complex design, circles within circles or something.

I'd like to see three wall pieces with a different rune on each wall, and a wall piece with a shattered rune.

I'd also like to see four wall pieces with a small 1" circle in one of the full-size squares of the floor. If the set is starting to cost too much, these can be combined with the wall-rune pieces.

The four corners might have built-in pedestals or sconces made to take interchangeable flames, crystals, and/or orbs.

Now we need a door. This might be a standard door painted with runes, or it might be an arch with a slot (like DoE doors) to accept a colored plastic "force field".

That's ten or fourteen pieces to create a 40' wide room -- three wall pieces short or one piece too many to create the entire room with only this set.

This might seem to have limited utility, but these pieces can support many magical scenarios. The large circle might be a summoning/banishing point (and the small circles where the participants of the spell stand), or it might be for power enhancement, or to allow spells to be used over large distances, or to bind/imprison, or it could be a communications station (with images of those being spoken to appearing in the small circles). The small circles might be scattered around a large set-up to act as communication or teleportation points. With multiple sets, the large circles might be placed in a single large room as dueling positions (to let two wizards to really have at each other without actually killing each other).

Is there enough utility there to make a decent set? Would this make a decent room by itself, and be useful when spread around in multiple rooms in a big set-up? Are there any other thoughts on what ought to be included (in addition or in stead)?
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Rooms -- Magical Locus 5 Years, 5 Months ago  
Stefan, Jeff: THIS bears serious examination as an accessory set for Master Maze, DoE, or RotA. It could work in ANY of the three genres, but MUST have floor/wall basics to match the set it goes with.
Beyond that, I'd say it's a GRAND idea! jackattack, you've hit a BIG Idea!!
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Rooms -- Magical Locus 5 Years, 5 Months ago  
Thanks for the idea! We will keep it in mind. Honest.
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