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Winches & Levers
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TOPIC: Winches & Levers
Winches & Levers 6 Years ago  
I've been thinking about fantasy mechanisms, and I thought that winches and levers might be a neat way to dress up a room. Winches and levers can be part of any mechanism, including a drawbridge, portcullis, sliding wall, deadfall trap, revolving floor, sluice gate, etc. An imaginative GM should find all sorts of reasons to make those STR and CON checks matter...

A floor-based winch might take up 1"x2", and is essentially a spool on its side in a frame, with spokes at either end and a chain or heavy rope wrapped around it (the ends can disappear into the floor).
A wall-based winch would be a thick post (with chain exposed or concealed) with a small spoked wheel at the top.

A capstain is a winch on its side, often with the workings concealed. The men working it walked in circles around it. This might have a full 2"x2" footprint (including spokes).

A large floor lever would be good, as would a grouping of three levers. Equivalent pieces designed to go on a wall (atop a shallow column of some type?) would be a nice bonus.

To convey the idea that these mechanisms are attached to something, a column designed to look like a heavy chain. The base could be a stone ring or lip surrounding a dark "hole" in the floor; the top could just be a half link (suggesting that the chain continues upward) or it could be similar to the base.

These accessories would go nicely in at least three of the fantasy lines. If there are any accessories like this on the market, please share details. If y'all have additional ideas about fantasy mechanisms, share those as well.
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Winches & Levers 6 Years ago  
That would be REALLY cool. I wonder if Grendel did anything like that....

I don't know if there's a big enough market for things like that -- it's so specific. But it sounds like something that could be worked out at home, there are places to get the basic gears, dowels would work for a capstain....


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