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Ogres Den redeux
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TOPIC: Ogres Den redeux
Ogres Den redeux 6 Years, 2 Months ago  
Just had a revelation regarding pre-furnished rooms and will post regarding that (in another thread) shortly.

For the record, I would now gladly purchase multiple pre-furnished rooms -if they represented a room that would often be uniform -please see upcoming post).

Regarding furnishings and the Den:

I find the artwork of the den to be excellent and would readily buy further DF accessory furnishings (similar to the MBS fireplace) if only they were not attached to specific walls or floors.

I would really like to see the following stand-alone pieces:

Grand stairwell
Stand alone fountains
and a
Wide variety of statues.
Rug on floor pieces (without attached walls)

This way these could be used throughout setups in any size of room or cave.

As mentioned earlier, I will soon post separately regarding pre-furnished rooms as, in one major aspect I have completely reversed my position (and not adverse to admitting it either).

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Ogres Den redeux 6 Years, 2 Months ago  
I'll second the call for more furnishings. The Tavern addition to the MBS was a great idea, with the little bits and pieces to help fill the MBS set ups, but more would be great! Would be a fantastic way of filling out rooms.

I know other companies do resin furnishings, but prepainted DF furnishings would be great! :)
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Ogres Den redeux 6 Years, 2 Months ago  
Thod had some GREAT carpets a while back (masquerading as Omar the Rug Salesman) that he somehow smuggled out of somewhere in the Middle East (actually, he quite legitimately bought them, but it doesn't sound nearly as much fun that way), and I got some. He was supposedly going to get some with the DF logo woven in, with DF approval, but I don't know if that went through or not.
Omar, any news on that front?

Omar? Are you there?

Thod, can you find Omar's tent and drag him out where we can talk to him? Please? Or is he away making deals with the pasha again?
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Ogres Den redeux 6 Years, 2 Months ago  

I'm afraid Omar has enjoyed a hectic live in his harem with all of his wifes and family and was distracted. I will give him a kick and tell him to go back to work.

Well - as you might guess from the above - normal life was busy. My wife (yep - there is only one for me - not like Omar) is now working full time for the second year running. Together with 2 kids which grow up you go through phases were you spend a lot of time on DF and scratch build and times you spend less. Lately I'm proud to have 38 Otherworld miniatures painted up, 23 nearly finished. I have started running the Keep on the Borderland for my son. I have >20 orcs painted. 12 Hobgolins are close to be finished and the 7 bugbears are doing nicely as well - still need a little bit more work.
I also need to make a cave entrance - dang - need it by tomorrow afternoon ....
All in all the group consists of Philip (soon 8) - a friend from school (she is 10) with her mother - my own wife - and my daughter (5) as torch bearer. Yep - she has a character but loses interest fastest - so she is a halfling fighter with the option to just be torch bearer if she gets tired or isn't in the right mood.

Scratch building has suffered I have to admit. Nothing done in a while. A shame - my son did lately build up the mine system. I need more castings and painting up some more - at least this was my excuse not to publish more pictures here. Same goes to the rugs. I needs some time to get a design and to deal with the company to make them. And Philip is too young to take on the distribution. He did great on the prison cell - and he is absolutely keen in anything to 'earn' money - but he needs a few years more to get there.

So one day - Omar will come out of his tent and will be back with a lot of rugs. Can't tell when this will be. I did plan to do this last Christmas break - but somehow didn't manage. Well - who knows. Also one day I still plan to come over to Gen Con. Should have some rugs ahead of this.

On the bright side - work is still fine with me and enough to do. So no problems to get the next DF stuff for me - even with the added issue to get them imported. I would even go for a Sultan gaming table if a) they would sell it here and b) I would be sure it would fit. I did measurements for b) - and while it 'fits' in I'm concerned it would be overbearing for the room. Maybe the semi-Sultan ... One day ... There must be something you can still dream about.

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