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Rooms -- MesoAmerican Temple
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TOPIC: Rooms -- MesoAmerican Temple
Rooms -- MesoAmerican Temple 5 Years, 9 Months ago  
"Rooms" is an idea for expansions to the Fantasy line that enhance the existing pieces without creating an entirely new line. A "Rooms" set is not necessarily a room unto itself -- it might be just a few pieces that allow the builder to add pieces to other DF sets to evoke scenes and environments not previously available.


It occurred to me, whilst considering another topic, that we might be able to make a room into an approximation of Aztec/Incan/Mayan architecture by adding columns, half-columns, an arch, and a pedestal or altar.

Columns would probably be square, covered in carvings -- eyes and mouths might be called out as dart-throwers or nozzles for gas, water, or fire traps. I'd put four in a set.

Half-columns would be similar (or identical) to columns, but split in half vertically to go against walls. That allows us to line a room with evenly spaced columns that have minimal impact on floorspace, or to array them down a hallway and add plenty of places to hide or take cover. Put eight in a set (four pairs).

An arch on a 2"x4" base makes a terrific opening/transition piece. One or two in a set.

Finally, a pedestal. If it is 1"x2"x1/2", then make one side flat and put a man-shaped indentation on the other, we can flip it to make it a table or an altar. One per set.

Fourteen or fifteen pieces to turn a standard room into a MesoAmerican temple. Not a lot of materials and a very simple paint job (perhaps a darker grey for contrast?) should make for a fairly cheap set that can be used for lots of genres, including Fantasy, Pulp, and possibly Wild West and SciFi.

Good? Bad? More?
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Rooms -- MesoAmerican Temple 5 Years, 9 Months ago  
Eleven pieces:

4 full columns
4 half columns
2 arched entry/exit pieces - possibly one "hidden door" style (rotating door)
1 doubled altar pedestal (top indented, bottom flat, flip-over)

Boxed set, shouldn't be larger than the old Ogre's Den box at most.
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