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Seeking the Double Door
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TOPIC: Seeking the Double Door
Seeking the Double Door 7 Years, 11 Months ago  
I have been a fan of dwarven forge since MM01 and I absolutely love the new sets.

I have five <a href='jumpto.php?Den of Evil' title='More about Den of Evil ...' class='wrapped_url'>Den of Evil</a> Room and Passage Sets, four DoE Wicked Additions and I just preordered four of the new room sets. I love the Medieval sets as well. I have two of the MBS and just ordered two more as well as four expansion sets. Great stuff. Caverns, sci-fi, I got 'em all.

BUT (and you knew the 'but' was coming) ...

There are still some big holes in the classic fantasy line and I would love to see them filled in a wicked additions 3 (or something similar). The biggest of those holes, IMHO, is .... DOORS!

I want a double door that is two-normal doors wide.
I want an ancient tomb door covered with skulls.
I want a dwarven door decorated with runes.
I want an obviously magical door nearly glowing with energy.
I want a circular door opened by some strange arcane mechanism.
I want a puzzle door covered with bizarre buttons.
I want a crudely made orcish door ready to fall off its hinges and full of holes.
I want a serpent door covered with coiled snakes.
I want an egyptian tomb door covered with hieroglyphs.
I want a door thats been boarded up and painted with 'Keep out!'
I want a giant-sized door that will allow my large miniatures to come and go.

And while we're at it, consider SWITCHES in support of the doors.
I want a stone wall that has a large mad-scientist-esque switch set in it. If it actually works ... all the better.
I want a large hand-brake style switch that sits on the floor by itself.
I want a wall covered in weird writing that is just vague enough that when the PCs see it I can them a handout that shows more detail and could be almost anything.

So, lava and ice caves are coming ... great. Don't worry. I'll buy them too. But give me doors and switches and I'll be a happy man.

Thanks for listening and thanks for making this amazing product,
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