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Drapery Wall and Door
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TOPIC: Drapery Wall and Door
Drapery Wall and Door 8 Years ago  
In the thread about more corners for MBS, I mentioned using corners to create alcoves in a tavern. I admit to basing that idea of off some modern restaurants I have seen, which have small walled booths or cubicles to create privacy (or the illusion thereof). Some places also have drapes (I wanted to say curtains, but a "curtain wall" is a big castle feature).

So I decided to suggest 2" Drapery Walls (to front such alcoves, or 2" gaps in interior walls) and Drapery Doors (1" framed doorways with "cloth" barriers). These could be used in taverns, trading houses, shoppes, fortune tellers' shops, and residences. They allow a GM to mix up certain stealth and perception rolls -- while a drapery does block, sight it doesn't do as much to block sound.

If the wall can be done freestanding, it can also be used to create pavillion tents.

The Drapery Door would be static -- a resin sculpt that doesn't move. So I like the idea of two doors, one with the drapery hanging across the entire doorway and one with the drapery tied back to one side.

Thoughts? Rebuttal? Existing products?
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