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TOPIC: Medieval Floors
Medieval Floors 8 Years, 4 Months ago  
Some of the specialty floor pieces in the Fantasy line would translate well to MBS.

Stairs Down has been mentioned before, and bears mentioning again. Stairs Down.

Trap Doors are a must. I favor one in the middle of the floor, but one beside a wall is nice too. Oh, and make some that appear to swing up like the access to a cellar, as well as those that swing down like an actual trap.

Slave Pits (grillwork set into the flooring) would work as well.

A pentagram that is carved or inlaid into the wooden floor is also a possiblility.

A larger wooden floor section (4"x4", 4"x6", 6"x6") would be very convenient for many builders, but I wouldn't try to enhance it with any kind of design or border -- just a plain wooden floor in larger dimensions.

A hole in the floor, where something has fallen through. The edges would be lined with broken planks, and the hole itself would be a small depression in the piece painted black. This might be a standard 2"x2", or it might be a larger size.

A stone piece set on or in the wood, with a shallow depression for a fire. (Should a pile of wood and ashes be sculpted into the piece, or should there be a fire accessory that can be put in and taken out?) A hearth, in the classic sense. Probably too specific, huh?

And last but not least, messed up floors. Warped boards that curl up at the ends. Missing planks. Extra planks nailed crosswise over other boards. Mismatched wood (a different color should suffice). A few of these, in conjunction with a "hole" piece, would go a long way to suggesting a ruined or decrepit building.

What else?
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