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Fantasy/MBS Fireplace
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TOPIC: Fantasy/MBS Fireplace
Fantasy/MBS Fireplace 8 Years, 5 Months ago  
There are several nice fireplace pieces available from other companies (some of them included in the DF setups at GenCon) built as facades, or "furniture" pieces that go against the wall of a room. But what about a fireplace your miniatures can actually stand in?

It was not uncommon for a large room to have a large fireplace, especially if the fireplace was meant for more than occasional cooking. (I've seen more than one caption on a photo of a medieval fireplace make a point of the fireplace being "large enough to roast an entire cow".) In the movie "Flesh + Blood" (Rutger Hauer and Jennifer Jason Leigh) we see a fireplace put to good use as an insertion point into a castle, and Anthony Hopkins walked through a secret door at the back of a large fireplace in "The Mask of Zorro".

For a massive fireplace, I like the idea of a 2"x1" area enclosed on three sides (forming a shallow U shape) on a 2"x2" stone floor. The mantel would be very high, leaving a solid 1"x1" vertical opening. This gives us a standard size to put in a Fantasy dungeon setting, but it can also be put in an MBS setting because the stone floor represents a hearth. If the 1"x2" half-floor tiles for MBS that I suggested in "Rooms: MBS Secret Passages" are available, a builder also has the option to push the piece back an inch and make the fireplace flush with the wall, moving the stonework "outside".

A 1"x1" fireplace would also be a handy thing to have, but I'm having some difficulty figuring out the best design for such a piece. It could be a U shape in one corner of a 2"x2" piece, one (Fantasy line) with an all stone floor and one (MBS) with a wood floor and a hearth. It could also be a 1"x1" square tacked onto a 2"x2" piece (a total of five squares) beside a 1" wall or between two 1/2" walls, again with the different floors for the different sets -- this piece, however, would be restricted to the outside edge of a room or set-up to accomodate the unique "spur" section. For the MBS piece, I like the idea of a half-circle hearth.

I considered the idea of chimneys for upper floors (whether stacked or placed elsewhere on the gaming table), but decided that the existing Pedestal pieces would do nicely. DF might consider an MBS wall piece with stonework to represent a chimney in a future Additions set, but it might be a bit too specialized to worry with.

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